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ASP Telescopic Batons P12 & P16 and P21

ASP Detective Protector Small Batons

ASP Telescopic Batons P12 & P16  and P21

ASP Telescopic Batons P12 & P16  and P21

ASP Telescopic Batons P12 & P16  and P21

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ASP Concealed Detective Batons P12, #52221 and P16 #52222 and now P21 #52227

Best Concealed Telescopic Friction Lock Batons available. The ASP P12 is just 5 inches long when closed, the P16 is 6.5 inches long (closed) and the P21 only 8 inches when closed.

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has unveiled its newest concealable batons, the P12 and the P16. The two discreetly designed expandable batons are the latest additions to ASP Friction Loc Baton series, and, because of their size and weight, are ideal for administrators, plainclothes investigators and undercover officers.

News: Morristown Police Department (TN). SGT Gary Bean tested the Agent Baton and thinks it is perfect for the entire detective division at Morristown PD. He liked how lightweight and concealable the baton is, yet still durable and substantially powerful while striking. The plainclothes detectives previously carried only their firearms. The Agent Baton provides them with another form of defense and further protects them in the field. This will be a great addition for the detectives at Morristown Police Department.

ASP Chairman and CEO Kevin Parsons, Ph.D., says these low profile impact weapons are highly powerful, providing the striking force of a standard duty baton. Their striking surfaces are made with 4140 high carbon seamless steal tubing, the strongest steel on the expandable baton market today. The baton's middle shafts are manufactured from 7075 T 6 aluminum, the same metal used in an M16 receiver. This patented steel/aluminum design creates lightweight, durable and devastatingly effective impact weapons. The P12 weighs 5.3 oz, the P16 weighs 6.5 oz.
Now available the P21 has been added to this successful line of concealable batons. As you would guess, the P21 opens to 21 inches from a contacted length of only 8.125 inches. Weight is only 7.68 ounces. Our batons are virtually indestructible no matter their size, Parsons said. They provide public safety professionals with peace of mind in any situation.

The grip of the ASP P12 and P16 is the same as ASP Agent baton but distinct to the industry. It features a crosshatch pattern with a continuous spiral overlay that results in a grip that is smooth and does not cause abrasion to clothing.
The P21 is also an excellent choice for more power and reach with improved concealment.

When retracted, the P-12 Baton is only 5 inches and the P-16 is 6.5 inches, making them easily concealed inside a pocket, purse or waistband. Also, they are partially aluminum and therefore very light and easy to carry and conceal in plainclothes. They can also be worn with ease on a waistband or dress belt. Both batons feature ASP exclusive Snap Loc Clip (patent pending). The clip can be placed in a variety of positions along the handle to enhance concealment and the ease with which a user can draw the weapon.

It may be against the law to own ASP Batons in your state or city. We do not know the law where you live.! It is the purchaser's responsibility to know and abide by the laws in your state and municipality.

Note: If your new baton is difficult to close (rare)
These new batons are part aluminum and part steel. They may be a bit difficult to close at first. Before adjusting the tail clip, wrap your hand in a towel and place a mat on a hard surface to protect the tip and practice closing the baton. After a few repetitions it should become easier. You also may be want to take the clip off for this exercise.
Any problems, 1-800-236-6243 customerservice@asp-usa.com

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Love it , works perfectly , now days most all of us old folks like to have "some thing" to help us be a tad safer as well as feeling safer..... 
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