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ASP 21 Inch Professional Telescopic Batons

ASP 21 inch Baton
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Item # 52411
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21 Inch Models:

ASP 21 inch Expandable Baton

The ASP telescopic batons in the 21 inch size are our most popular.
Only 7.75 inches long when closed, weighing 17 ounces(steel).

Issued by FBI, DEA, US Secret Service and US Army.
Legendary ASP quality and toughness. Primarily designed for law enforcement, military and security assignments.
New ASP Wave Master Grip now Available.
Lifetime factory warranty from ASP

ASP Steel Retractable Batons

  • Chrome:
    Sections are light in color and may reflect some light. Not shiny chrome like a car bumper but still pretty light. All handles and the section that hold the handle are black. (All batons are black when closed)Foam grip
  • Black Chrome:
    A flat black finish is permanently manufactured onto the chrome and steel baton. Foam grip
    The batons in this group are #52411 Steel Black with Foam Grip
  • Federal (now called Duratec):
    These are coated in a permanent flat black finish directly on to the chromed steel. They are a black steel baton with a Duratec (thermoplastic) grip. There is black steel duratec like #32411 and aluminum duratec #32412.

    Old Duratec - Aluminum with thermoplastic grip, black color. Only a few of these left in stock.
  • Electroless: These are nickel coated steel batons that are well-suited for marine environments. The extended segments and the tail cap are a brushed nickel finish.

    ASP Aluminum (Airweight)

  • Airweight:
    The aluminum sections are uncoated and are of a light color. Foam grip
  • Duratec(being discontinued):
    These are aluminum and of a light grey color.
    Thermoplastic grip. Limited quantity
    New: Wave Master Grip and aluminum baton. Lightweight and easy to hold.#42412 . See dropdown menuFeaturing models with the Wavemaster Grip

  • ASP Talon  Push Button Baton
    ASP Talon Push Button Baton

    List: $135.00
    Lowest Sale Price: $114.75
    You Save: $20.25 (15%)

    ASP Talon Lightweight Telescopic Baton
    ASP Talon Lightweight Telescopic Baton

    List: $140.00
    Lowest Sale Price: $119.00
    You Save: $21.00 (15%)

    ASP Envoy Baton Holder
    ASP Envoy Baton Holder

    List: $40.00
    Lowest Sale Price: $34.00
    You Save: $6.00 (15%)

    Bear Spray Guard Alaska
    List: $45.00
    Lowest Sale Price: $33.99
    You Save: $11.01 (24%)

    Streamlight The Siege Lantern
    List: $60.00
    Lowest Sale Price: $32.95
    You Save: $27.05 (45%)

    ASP Key Defender Pepper Spray Baton
    List: $33.00
    Lowest Sale Price: $27.95, 2for$53.95
    You Save: $5.05 (15%)

    ASP Leverage Baton CapASP Leverage Baton Cap

    ASP Leverage Baton Cap

    ASP Baton Leverage Cap, leverage cap for all ASP expandable batons. Enhances grip and leverage without adding significant weight. Made of 6061 T6 aluminum. Comes in textured black or electroless finish. PERFORMANCE: The Leverage Cap extends the reach, increases the retention, improves the control and increases the striking power of an ASP Baton a full factor. The little finger fulcrum principle of the Oriental sword allows an F16 Baton to strike like an F21 or an F21 Baton to strike like an F26. Replaces the standard end cap if all ASP Expandable batons.

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    52920List: $19.50
    Lowest Sale Price: $12.75, 12for$144.00
    You Save: $6.75 (35%)
    ASP Baton Cap Memorial Fund Gold BandASP Baton Cap Memorial Fund Gold Band

    ASP National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund Baton Cap

    Standard baton cap with official National LE Memorial Fund logo and gold band. All proceeds from sales of this product go to the fund.

    In support of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, ASP is proud to offer a commemorative product assortment. These customized products will be available for National Police Week and throughout the year. 100% of all ASP proceeds from the sale of these products will be donated to the NLEOMF.

    The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund honors law enforcement officers who have fallen in the line-of-duty. On average, one officer is killed in the United States every 53 hours. Since the first known death in 1791, more than 19,000 US law enforcement officers have made the ultimate sacrifice. National Police Week is held each May in Washington, DC as an annual tribute to law enforcement service and sacrifice. Over 20,000 people attend the Annual Candlelight Vigil which will be held on May 13 at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

    A Gold Band Cap is normally $22.50, this cap has the gold band and the logo for the Memorial Fund.

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    81266List: $22.50
    Lowest Sale Price: $20.00
    You Save: $2.50 (11%)
    ASP Baton Flashlight USBASP Baton Flashlight USB

    ASP Baton Light with USB Recharging

    New Baton Light for ASP Batons is USB powered! The Tactical USB by ASP is an endcap for your telescopic friction lock baton. Just unscrew your old one and replace with this rugged led flashlight. The light is powered by internal battery that is rechargeable with the included USB cord. The output is rated at 100 lumens. the flashlight is made of aerospace aluminum, anodized in black. Run time is about one hour on a fully charged battery. There is a battery charge indicator that blinks red when charging and turns green when charged. The unit is water resistant (do not submerge) sealed with a rubber o-ring. The USB cord is retractable and extends to 30 inches. Note, a micro USB phone charger may be used to charge the Tactical USB.

    The on off switch can be momentary or continuous

    Notice, the led light mechanism creates extreme heat over time. Do not leave on and set on any surface. Never cover the light when it is on.
    Limited Lifetime warranty from ASP

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    ASP Baton Flashlight USB
    35636List: $60.00
    Lowest Sale Price: $51.00
    You Save: $9.00 (15%)

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