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Bear Spray Guard Alaska

Bear Pepper Spray
Bear Spray Guard Alaska

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Bear Spray by Guard Alaska, the top bear pepper spray worldwide, is a non-lethal alternative to severely harming or killing bears in self-defense. Developed in 1983 and EPA-approved as the only bear spray that serves as a repellent for all bear species, Guard Alaska Bear Spray is designed to protect campers, hikers and outdoor adventurers from bears and all other types of dangerous wildlife.
The Alaska Science and Technology Foundation endorses this environmentally safe bear spray, and it meets all the criteria for an effective bear deterrent outlined by the Sierra Club. It does not contain ozone-depleting or flammable chemicals, so it is a very safe product to use. The Sierra Club is encouraging the National Forest Service to require everyone who enters bear territory in a national forest to carry bear spray for their own protection.

"The proper use of bear pepper spray will reduce human injuries caused by bears, reduce the number of grizzly bears killed in self-defense, and help promote the recovery and survival of the grizzly bear," said Heidi Godwin, spokesperson for the National Forest Service.

Guard Alaska Bear Spray is only effective when it is used correctly. It should never be used to spray around camps on bushes, trees or other terrain features, because it could have the opposite effect.

This anti-bear spray shoots up to 20 feet away. Each can contains 9 ounces of stinging-hot pepper spray, which is enough to fire nine 1-second bursts at a bear. Guard Alaska Bear Spray has a 3-year shelf life, but the seals generally last longer if you store the can indoors at room temperature.

Experts recommend that you carry your bear spray in a nylon holster (sold separately) for easy access when you are on the trails, camping or enjoying nature in bear territory.

Because Guard Alaska Bear Spray comes in an aerosol can, we cannot ship it by air. We cannot ship it to post office boxes or to APO addresses, nor can we ship it to Alaska or Hawaii.

Steve W.

This product is so cool. I use it to keep mischievous black bears from getting up on my deck in the backyard. Black bears have caused thousands of dollars in damage to several nearby residences in the last few months. They have been breaking windows and doors, destroying kitchens and refrigerators. Here in the Appalachian Mountains the black bear population has exploded significantly. In the past, I would see a bear or two at the most per year. But this year alone I have seen several different bears that I can tell apart with certainty: 2 moms each with 2 cubs and 2 adult males, some of which were repeat visitors, and they are bolder than in the past. This is due to a lack of acorn crop. I bought a can of the Guard Alaska Bear Spray which I got to use once on an adult male. I know for a fact that bear won't be coming back to my house! A word of advice: after you spray your bear don't hang around watching him run away, as satisfying as it may be. The pepper spray cloud will get you quickly. The spray is about 20ft long and quite wide, creating an orange cloud that lingers a few minutes after the spray. As soon as you use it on a bear you should order another can, because the contents empty out in about two long squirts. 
Bear Spray Guard Alaska
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Bear Pepper Spray HolsterBear Pepper Spray Holster

Belt Loop Holster

Tough ballistic nylon holster with sewn-in belt loop and taped seams. Top flap closes securely with wide velcro patch. Fits Guard Alaska can and any other 9 oz pepper spray, like our Police Magnum or Streetwise. These cans are 2 inches in diameter.
Belt Clip Holster
Besides the standard belt loop we also carry a holster with a belt clip that can be attached to closed loops on a pack or on pant waist with or without a belt.
Made in America

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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Bear Bell Noise MakerBear Bell Noise Maker

Bear Bell Noisemaker

This clever item is a large jingle-type bell with a velcro strap to attach to your person or belt or backpack to allow you to maintain a constant level of noise as you traverse the woods to alert any bear that you are in the vicinity. Bear have very good hearing and will notice the jingle from quite a distance and most likely exit the area. While radiating a constant sound, you are much less likely to surprise the bear and cause it to attack.
Of course you can attach to your dog or cat if you want to hear them coming or maybe the neighbor's 5 year old...
Dimensions: 1.5 inches radius, attaching strap is a 2 inch loop. Chrome plated.
Comes with a silencing magnet and mesh bag. When you don't want to make noise, just leave it in its sack with the magnet and the ringer will be held in place and not make noise. In Stock

Also available is the Sabre Frontiersman Bear Bell. We have the green model with double velcro strap. It does not have the magnet to silence the bell.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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