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Black Cat Keychain for Self Defense

Kitty Cat Keychain
Black Cat Keychain for Self Defense

Black Cat Keychain for Self Defense

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Item # C-100-BK
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Black Cat Self Defense Keychain

The Black Cat Self Defense Keychain can carry your keys and help you get out of tough situations. The keychain is made of tough molded plastic that is quite stiff and strong. Measuring 3 inches tall and 2.1 inches wide the attack cat keychain is big enough to be very devastating in an attack but flat and smooth enough to be carried inconspicuously in a pocket or purse.

Beware of the this Kitty Cat. Don't cross its path.´┐Ż It can be used as a defensive key chain device. Just put your fingers through the eyes of the cat with the keys in your palm. If attacked from behind or pushed to the ground, it is easy to hold and difficult to take away from you. The Cat Keychain is a force multiplier. That is, a punch from your bare fist may not make an impact, but with the cat defense keychain, it will make a big, painful difference. The Black Cat is a patent pending product designed to be convenient and easy to carry. If not prepared when going to your car, jogging, walking, hiking, or where ever you are, you could be the next victim.

This item is very effective when attacked from behind. You can easily slip your fingers in the eyeholes and jab at the arm around your neck to inflict severe pain and nerve damage, enough to make your attacker let you go,so you can escape and seek help.

Now Available is the Pink Dog keychain!


Made in USA
Kitty Kat Keychain

If you just want one or a few of the cat keychains, we can mail them and save you money! ... but only if you use this link:Cat Keychain By Mail

Click on the small picture to see cat keychain worn on guy's hand, size large glove, ring size 11.

The Cat Pack is a special offer that contains all 10 cat colors, so you get one cat of each color for $40.00. Choose from the dropdown menu.

Rebecca N

Very courteous and helpful seller! A completely unique item that I am looking forward to giving as a gift--thank you!  
Nichelle B

I thought I had lost this package so I contacted the seller, they replied quickly and very helpfully describing the packaging so I could look for it. Very helpful and very nice! 
Regina P

They where very professional and prompt and I love my key chain  
Susanne D

Great product, attaches to a keychain. 
Dianne M

Very, very fast service. Well packaged. Nice item. I give this seller A+++++ plus 100! 
Tiffany K

It was a great product, fast shipping and I will reorder again from this company.  
Summer B

Good product 
Teri G

LOVE this so much! I bought one for all my co-workers. I was once a rape crisis counselor and this is a wonderful self-protection device. Light, sturdy, and quite sharp. Plus, it looks like a cat. It is a win-win! 
Allison L.

Great seller! Fast shipping and great packaging. I love the cat keychain. 
Katrina Se

Loved the items, they are as described and fairly sturdy. I bought four and gifted three and they were well received.  
Katrina Sm

Arrived at lightening speed! Great product, light but gives you a sense of security.  
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