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Caltrops Set of 10 Tire Spikes

Caltrop Tire Spikes
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Item # M-CT10
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Sale Price$3.99, 25for$93.75, 100for$325.00
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Caltrops, Tire Spikes

Caltrops have been used since ancient times to be a hazard to an enemy, whether on foot or in a vehicle with inflatable wheels. This particular model is a small size that would cause damage to hands, feet or smaller tires. May work on auto's but that would be hit or miss. Can be placed in areas of ingress and egress where the light is low or where one has to crawl to get in. Set of 10 units per box. (Picture shows 3 pieces.) The price is for a box with 10 pieces.
Each small road spike is about 1.25 inches and is made of a ferrous metal (they can be picked up with a magnet). Designed to always have one point vertical. Can be used defensively to protect a path or perimeter.
(Not a Toy)
(Use only on property you own or control).

If you want tire spikes that will deflate car and truck tires, see the Star Tire Spikes listed near the bottom of the page.

Can be retrieved with a magnet or magnet sweeper. Buy more, save more:
Buy 25, price per box is $3.75
Buy 100. price per box is $3.25

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