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Cat Keychain Defense Key Chain

Cat Head Keychain
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Item # WK2
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Sale Price$4.99, 2for$9.00, 12for$46.68, 50for$175.00, 100for$300.00, 200for$550.00, 300for$750.00, 1000for$1,890.00, 2000for$3,700.00, 3000for$5,400.00
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Cat Keychain and Dog Keychain

Free Heart Attack Non Metal Push Knife with any order for 10 cats/dogs or more.

Simple, lightweight and effective the Cat Keychain can help you defend yourself if attacked. You can draw blood and inflict pain on your attacker to avoid capture or injury and get away. Man or woman everyone should have one of these in their possession to enhance their ability to defense themselves. Every student and many teens need to be prepared. This self defense keychain has been endorsed by many self defense instructors, social workers, and advocates to help women maintain their safety and dignity. There are situations where just a little resistance at the right moment can make all the difference. Get your Cat Keychain today.

New solid green colors now available! We now have solid color Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Red and Green cats as well as Navy Blue, Red and Black Dogs(plus sky blue and clear).

These cute dog & cat keychains are not toys, but are in fact very serious defense weapons. The design has been around for years, but the technology has gotten better. They are now made of an ultra-tough plastic material that is very hard to break, which is exactly what you need should you ever have to use this device. About 3 inches tall and 2.1 inches wide.
Cat Keychains come in black, pink, clear, orange, navy, light blue, yellow, red, and purple.
Dog Keychains come in clear, black, navy, sky blue and red.
Makes a great gift for men or women, students, travelers. (Made in USA) Buy your kitty keychain knuckles here. Cat Pack, one of each cat color, is 10 units and priced at the 12 cat price($4.00 each)
Wholesale Cat Keychains:

Just place any quantity in the shopping cart (of any combination of colors) and you will receive the lowest price based on the total quantity.

12 units for $4.00 each
50 units for $3.50 each
100 units for $3.00 each
200 units and more for $2.75 each
If you need larger quantities (>300) for wholesale,corporate, club or association purposes, please email us.

No state restrictions.

If you just want one or a few of the cat keychains, we can mail them, but only if you use this link:Cat Keychain By Mail

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Heart Attack Keychain Defense Tool
Heart Attack Keychain Defense Tool

List: $7.95
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Kubota Kubotan
Kubota Kubotan

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Bulldog Defense Keychain - Brutus Dog
Bulldog Defense Keychain - Brutus Dog

List: $7.99
Lowest Sale Price: $5.49, 10for$47.49, 20for$89.95
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Bear Spray Guard Alaska
List: $45.00
Lowest Sale Price: $33.99
You Save: $11.01 (24%)

Streamlight The Siege Lantern
List: $60.00
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ASP Key Defender Pepper Spray Baton
List: $33.00
Lowest Sale Price: $27.95, 2for$53.95
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Break Away Key RingBreak Away Key Ring

Break Away Key Ring

Key ring you can attach to your pepper spray. Allows you to separate the pepper spray from your keys when necessary (ie, think valet parking or for auto repair). This way you can always carry your pepper spray on you and be ready for anything.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

BKRList: $1.49
Lowest Sale Price: $0.89
You Save: $0.60 (40%)
Cat Buckle Self Defense DeviceCat Buckle Self Defense Device

Cat Buckle Self Defense Device

This unusual Cat Buckle Self Defense packs a mighty punch! The eyes of the cat are finger holes and the ears become spikes to create an excellent means of self-defense against an attacker. This lightweight cat buckle looks non-threatening, is easy to carry, and can provide peace of mind. Comes with its own belt carry holder. Or can easily slip into pocket or purse. Only 3 inches long. This bad cat has eye holes about a 12 ring size. That will fit most people up to their 2nd knuckle.

Notice: We cannot ship this item to CA, NY or MA.
Consider the plastic cat keychains instead.

CAT-10List: $7.95
Lowest Sale Price: $2.97
You Save: $4.98 (63%)
CIA Ice ScraperCIA Ice Scraper

CIA Ice Scraper Personal Security Item

The CIA Ice Scraper is compact and made of very tough resin and fits in the palm of your hand for a solid grip. The Chiseled point makes short work of windshield ice or any attacker's face, limbs or torso. You can hit with the impact of a ton of bricks. Really strong force multiplier. Easily fits into pocket or purse to be on hand anytime you need it. Saves your knuckles and hands from damage when striking at your foe. This tool really digs in with minimal effort and can cause a lot of pain and tissue damage.

CIA Ice Scraper

It is the buyer's responsibility to know the laws pertaining to these items in their state and local jurisdictions and to use these items only in a lawful manner. Please contact your local sources of legal advice for more specific information.

Also available is a similar version but with a belt clip built-in. Easy to have available to grab at anytime you need it.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

IC10List: $9.95
Lowest Sale Price: $4.95
You Save: $5.00 (50%)

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