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Cat Eyes Keychain and Dog Keychain

Cat self-defense key chains are increasingly popular because they are a stealthy way to carry protection. With sharp points designed to resemble a cat's ears, as well as finger holes that provide a good grip, cat key chains have been endorsed by many self-defense instructors, social workers, and women's safety advocates. They make wonderful gifts for people who may need a little help in the self-defense department.

The sharp ear points on these cat key chains can actually draw blood on an attacker when used properly. Made from very tough, very resilient plastic material, these 3-inch-tall, 2.1-inch-wide key chains might be exactly what you need to protect yourself in a difficult situation. carries cat self-defense key chains in a variety of colors, so you can choose what works best for you. These American-made defense devices come with a sturdy ring to affix to your keys, which makes it easy to carry anywhere you go.

Read the cat keychain reviews to see what other have said about their purchase.

Wholesale or Bulk Sales: We also sell the cat keychain for self defense wholesale in higher volume quantities, see the pricing breaks above. Many fine retailers, large and small buy their cat keychains from us.

If you just want one or a few of the cat keychains, we can mail them, but only if you use this link:Cat Keychain Self Defense By Mail

Kitty Kat Keychain


This Key chain is both practical and adorable. I really appreciate having it when I walk back to my dorm after my late classes. 


Excellent quality and much better than the old Keys between the finger trick! :) 


Very fast shipping and item is as described. Perfect! Would recommend. 


Items I got were just as described and Fast Shipping got the order in 5 days including the weekend (so 3 business day). Shipping a little high for the size and weight of the item but overall was a good deal especially with how fast it arrived. Was worried about ordering after reading a review but I Had no problems whatsoever. Will definitely be ordering from this company in the future. 


I am military trained and have been a marital arts instructor, but my wife is not. As such with just a little encouragement she is able to use the  


Great stuff. Fast and easy. 
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