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Rechargeable Stun Gun Cheetah 10 Million volts Sale

Rechargeable Stun Gun Cheetah 10 Million volts Sale
Rechargeable Stun Gun Cheetah 10 Million volts Sale

Rechargeable Stun Gun Cheetah 10 Million volts Sale

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10 Million Volt, Rechargeable Stun Gun by Cheetah

This Cheetah rechargeable is a great stun gun for any self protection purpose. The 10 million volt output is awesomely powerful and even a test fire will scare the daylights out of most attackers with any sense.

The Cheetah Stun gun is rechargeable, so there is no need to buy batteries. There is no power cord to lose since the wall plug prongs are built-in to the unit. It's self contained. Besides being compact in size, less than 4.25 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide, 1 inch deep, it has a kill switch cord to protect you from having the unit used against you. Also built-in is a safety switch.

To operate, charge it up according to the directions included (16 hour initial charge, do not overcharge), insert the kill switch cord, turn the safety on (you will see the red led light up) and you are ready to press the round rubber button to fire.
2 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser.
Its unique good looks will please you as will the black nylon holster with belt loop.
This is a top of the line rechargeable stun gun.
This 10 Million volt models come in black case only.

Notice Required Restrictions:
Must be 18 year old.
We do not ship stun guns or tasers to DC, NY, IN, HI, MA, MI, NJ, WI, RI or outside the USA. Also we cannot ship stun guns to Chicago, IL.,Baltimore or Annapolis, MD.,Baltimore and Howard counties, MD.,Denison, IA.,D.C. and Philadelphia, PA. In Illinois you must have a Firearms ID card to possess a taser or stun gun. We can ship a stun gun to IL if you fax your current FID card to us at 901-881-0842. For more information on IL. FID go here:IL FID It's at least a misdemeanor and sometimes a felony to sell, possess or use a stun gun in these locales. Sorry these products cannot be shipped to APO addresses.

Cheetah Stun Gun 10 Million
Cheetah Stun Gun 10 Million

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