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CIA Letter Opener

plastic defense knife
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CIA Letter Opener, Non metallic knife

The CIA Letter Opener is non-metallic knife made of a resin/nylon mixture which makes it very tough and stiff. It does not bend easily and can be pounded through plywoood. It's also sharper than I expected. Overall length is 8 inches, the blade is 4 inches.
Waterproof, won't rust, keep one in your car, backpack, or stash it anywhere. It is very lightweight as well. You can constantly have it on you without fatigue. Its good to know you have a decent weapon should you be attacked. Even when you walk your dog or go to the store. There is hole on the end of the handle to string a lanyard if you wish or use as a tent peg, although its kind of short for that.. This non metal knife is very light, weighs about an ounce. Really does a number on those envelopes. What's wrong with having a plastic letter opener on you? Don't try to carry on an airplane.

CIA Letter Opener or Non-Metallic Knife

It is the buyer's responsibility to know the laws pertaining to these items in their state and local jurisdictions and to use these items only in a lawful manner. Please contact your local sources of legal advice for more specific information.

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