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Door Lock Portable

Door Lock Portable
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Door Lock Portable

Its back!!
The Portable Door Lock is handy and easy to use protection for your door. Great for hotels. motels, dorm rooms, apartments, condos, vacation homes, RV's, mobile homes and more. This pocket door lock security device goes wherever you go. This compact device allows you to secure a door from the inside to prevent entry into your hotel room even if someone has the key. A perfect gift for the traveler. Works on doors that swing inward toward the living space. A traveling door lock.
Can also be used to keep others out of your home or apartment,office even if they have a key.

Highly recommended and carried in many college bookstores. If you do not see it, email us. Portable Door Lock from the INside

Personal Safety Alarm
Personal Safety Alarm

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Door Stop Alarm
Door Stop Alarm

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Black Cat Keychain for Self Defense
Black Cat Keychain for Self Defense

List: $7.95
Lowest Sale Price: $4.99, 2for$9.00, 12for$48.00, 50for$175.00, 100for$300.00, 200for$550.00, 300for$750.00, 1000for$1,890.00, 2000for$3,700.00, 3000for$5,400.00
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Bear Spray Guard Alaska
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Streamlight The Siege Lantern
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ASP Key Defender Pepper Spray Baton
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Door Window Alarms 100dB SimiDoor Window Alarms 100dB Simi

Door Window Alarm 100 dB Simi DA150

The Door Window alarms use a magnetic sensor to detect the opening of a protected door or window. A 100 dB alarm will then alert you to an attempted entry and scare off potential intruders. The owner may open the window or other protected object, without setting off the alarm by switching the on/off switch to the off position. This alarm may also be used within the home to alert parents to children opening a gun or medicine cabinet or used to protect exterior doors(from the inside), particularly those hard to protect sliding glass doors. Commercial uses include showcases and cash registers.
Comes with batteries installed and 2 sided sticky tape for mounting anywhere you need it.
Batteries included. Extra batteries (uses 3 button cell batteries)are available on the dropdown menu at a discount. For indoor use only.
(Note: other websites sell a very similar product for up to $9.95 each. We tried some of those and came back to this model) Buy 10 for $2.49 each and get 10 free extra batteries(one card)

Door/Window Mini Alarm - MMCA

From the American Tinnitus Association website: We measure the loudness of sound in decibels (dB). Most experts recommend that you use earplugs when exposed to 85 dB and above. But what does 85 dB mean? The following chart shows common sounds and their associated sound levels. 70 dB Washing Machine 80 dB Alarm Clock 2 feet away 100 dB Blow Dryer, Subway Train 105 dB Chainsaw, Power Mower 110 dB Screaming Child 120 dB Rock Concert 130 dB Jackhhammer, Jet Plane We tried using another similar unit for awhile when our regular suppply became unavailable, but they we not very reliable. We are now back to the original Simi product which is much better.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

MMCAList: $7.95
Lowest Sale Price: $3.95, 2for$6.95, 10for$25.90
You Save: $4.00 (50%)
Personal Motion Alarm with Light Personal Motion Alarm with Light

Personal Motion Alarm with Light Travelguard

The Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor is an effective low cost motion alarm that can be used to effectively to deter an assailant. It can be activated by just pulling the alarm cord located at the top of the unit or can detect motion up to 9 feet away. Emits a loud 15 second, 100dB blast making an impending criminal cower and run. Just slide the cover down exposing the infrared sensor and the off/auto switch. Turn the switch to auto, and the sensor will start detecting motion in 60 seconds. Contains an LED flashlight, and its convienent size makes it perfect for concealing and traveling. Uses replaceable AG13 batteries (included). Arm the alarm, set it in an area that an intruder would have to pass through and you're all set! You can even adjust the sensitivity of the Travel Guard Alarm with PIR Sensor to ignore small pets. Also, use it as a personal alarm, simply pull the metal tab out of the Travel Guard Alarm with PIR Sensor to emit an attention grabbing alarm sound. The Flipo Travel Guard Alarm with PIR Sensor is small enough to keep on your keychain where you also have access to the LED flashlight function. T Uses AG13 or LR44 Button Batteries Same product as iAlarm

PAL-100TRList: $16.95
Lowest Sale Price: $10.95, 10for$89.00
You Save: $6.00 (35%)

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