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Emergency 911 Flashing Light Switch

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Emergency Flashing Light Switch by GE 911 $6.49 or less

The 911 Flashing Porch Light will notify vendors or emergency personnel that your address needs assistance.
Turn your porch light into a flasher beacon.
When an emergency occurs precious minutes may be wasted trying to locate the correct house. The Emergency Flashing Light Switch insures that your house is quickly located for rescue or delivery purposes. You simply replace the standard front porch light switch with the Emergency Light Switch. If you need to dial 911 or an ambulance or fire station, etc for help you can tell the operator to look for the flashing porch light. You then move the switch to the flashing position and your porch light will flash continuously to signal the emergency personnel trying to find you. After help arrives you can move the switch to the constant on or off position. (There are 3 positions: on, off and flashing).
When activated, The EMERGENCY BEACON helps emergency personnel locate the scene more quickly day or night. It's perfect for any home, especially those with seniors...or children...or people living alone. And most importantly, it means that once you've called for help, you don't have to leave your home to go outside to signal your location. Can also be used to help the pizza delivery man find your house, or guests if you are expecting company.

Easy installation in less than 10 minutes (no electrical experience needed). Be sure you cut off the power to the light at the circuit breaker. Then simply remove the switch cover plate , disconnect the two wires that connect the old switch and connect the two wires the new switch. Turn the power back on and you are done. Please note that the white switch cover plate pictured is not included (use your current switch plate cover).

120VAC 300W Max, Single pole one switch circuits only. Fits all standard wall plates. Do not use on switchable outlets, may damage some appliances if used to control them. Click on inset picture of house for demo. We have sold thousands to homeowners associations, senior centers, and all kinds of housing complexes. Same one sold for $25+ on other sites.

PLEASE NOTE: product instructions includes a green ground wire connected to the unit. This product MAY NOT come with this wire..don't be alarmed, this is not a defect and you can still use the product without the green wire. The white switch cover plate pictured is not included (you will use your current switch plate cover). This item will only work with traditional incandescent light bulbs - not compatible with any type of fluorescent light. Intended for use with permanently installed, single pole one-switch circuits only. Switch is illuminated when in the off position and flashes when in the 911 position.


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