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Police Magnum OC Spray

 Police Magnum OC  Spray

You need good pepper spray

Pepper spray works!

Defensedevices.com is where to buy pepper or OC spray. You will be glad you did.
Police Magnum OC Pepper Spray Products use a great Pepper Spray formula: Nonflammable! Safe to use with TASER* devices
Every Batch Independently Assayed for Potency
OC=Oleoresin Capiscum, the chemical compund in peppers that provide the heat and irritation.
All of the Police Magnum self defense pepper spray products are derived from a 2 million SHU base and every batch is assayed to be 1.4% total Capsaicinoids or more. (That's more than Bear Spray. Bear spray needs to be at 1.0% or more to be called bear spray by the EPA). Every batch is tested by an independent lab to ensure consistent results.
You will not find a better defense spray anywhere. These people care about what they produce. Made here in the USA.

Note: Police Magnum and Wildfire pepper spray products (except inerts) cannot be sold to Michigan or Wisconsin which restricts formulas to 10%. See "World's Hottest Pepper Spray"(first category upper left side of this page) or Michigan and Wisconsin Approved if you live in Michigan.

Pepper Spray is preferred over other types of aerosols because it is primarily composed of natural food grade ingredients, is environmentally safe, biodegradable, and produces a rapid physical reaction in low concentrations (easier to clean up).

All of our oc pepper spray products use a nitrogen, CO2 or Freon propellant which is nonflammable and provides a consistent and reliable spray pattern for years and in a wide range of temperatures. These pepper spray products are freshly made continuously and have not been sitting around in a warehouse for months. We warranty to replace these products ourselves for 1 year but actual shelf life is much longer, around 4 to 5 years. The OC spray does not deteriorate like tear gas. It is only the pressurization of the propellant which declines over time. (molecules of propellant leak past the seals over time) Test spray your pepper spray a couple of times a year to make sure its operating properly and has not lost pressure.

Sorry, pepper spray cannot be shipped by air (3 day, 2 day or overnight). Only ground shipping is available per Dept. of Transportation rules.

Pepper Spray WHOLESALE prices.

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