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Fox Labs Pepper Spray Cone Fog Flip Top

Fox Labs Pepper Spray Cone Fog Flip Top
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Item # FX-2M
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Fox Labs Pepper Spray in the Cone Fog Pattern

Fox Labs OC (OC stands for oleoresin capsicum)is the best choice for pepper spray. The fog spray pattern is wider and makes it easier to hit your target in a stressful encounter. The spray droplets are also "atomized" and smaller than the stream making intake into the respiration system and mucous membranes of the target a little faster and quicker-acting. A slight caveat is that if outdoors, some amount of the fog also is subject to the direction of the wind and you may get some "blowback" if the wind is against you. It may make you cough a little but not nearly the effect as on your target. The stream spray is like a water gun, a pencil stream. It squirts a lot of formula in a more focused output. It may subject you to less blowback but also requires more accuracy to hit your target. Law Enforcement and security professionals tend to favor the stream pattern.
Aim for the forehead or top of the head if the target is at the far end of the range (10 feet+) to allow for ballistic drop off. Closer in just go for the eyes and face.
The formula is the same as described in other sections, the 5.3 MM SHU pure base oleoresin capsicum (oc) Fox Labs is famous for.
Pepper spray must be shipped by UPS ground service due to Dept. of Transportation regulations for hazardous materials.

We cannot ship Fox pepper spray to NY, MA (w/o FID) HI, AK or APO addresses. Police Departments need to submit their request on department letterhead (fax: 901-881-0842). MA residents must have a firearm ID card. Fox Labs Warranty: Fox Labs products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects for 2 years. If your Fox Labs product fails to function normally within 3 years, return the can to us and we will send you a new one. Fox labs has the manufacture date printed on their cans. This is a "birth date", not an expiration date. You may verify this with Fox Labs. Go to

Fox Keychain Pepper Spray  Fox Labs OC Spray Free QR
Fox Keychain Pepper Spray Fox Labs OC Spray Free QR

List: $15.95
Lowest Sale Price: $11.95, 2for$22.00, 3for$31.99, 12for$113.40
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Fox Labs Flip Top
Fox Labs Flip Top

List: $18.95
Lowest Sale Price: $13.59, 2for$26.00, 12for$156.00, 64for$768.00
You Save: $5.36 (28%)

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Fox Pepper Spray Refill For Hardshell Keychain

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Pepper Spray Wall Mount
Pepper Spray Wall Mount

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