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Fox Labs Pepper Spray Grenade
Fox Pepper Spray Grenades

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Fox Labs Pepper Spray Grenade

Fox Labs pepper spray grenades are hand held throwing units with a lock on continuous discharge tops. After activation, they will spin in a 360 degree circle on hard flat surfaces completely spewing their contents immediately and continuously for about 10 seconds. They are ideal for control and disbursement of crowds or securing a confined area.
The 2 oz. unit will empty itself in about 10 seconds.
The 4 oz. unit will empty its contents in about 20 seconds.
Both units disperse the original 2% 5.3 MM SHU formula in a fine mist for maximum effectiveness. Also contains UV dye that will fluoresce under ultraviolet light for later identification of those at the scene. Makes a great option for home defense. If the bad guys are in another room, toss one of these pepper spray grenades to make occupation extremely hazardous!

Also available is the Extractor Grenade which includes plastic tubing and a nozzle on the can activator to allow you to direct the pepper spray formula underneath doors or through windows or other crevices to clear a room or force the inhabitants into the open.
The 4 oz extractors have been discontinued. We have a few left on the shelf that were made in 2012. They were stored indoors and will still spray. We offer them at a big discount, only $9.99 each.

Fox Labs Pepper Spray Grenades

Restrictions: We cannot ship pepper spray to NY, AK or HI. Pepper Spray cannot be shipped by air.

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