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Grip Kubaton

Grip Kubotan P15930
Grip Kubaton

Grip Kubaton

Grip Kubaton

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Item # 3102-BG
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Grip Kubaton or Cobra Kubaton/Kubotan Self Defense Keychain

The Grip Kubaton has finger ridges to provide a more secure hold when performing defensive strikes and a tapered tip to concentrate your power more effectively. Made from solid aluminum, its light and very strong allowing your movement to multiply into intense pressure rapidly. The kubotan can be used in a variety of ways in self defense, such as a key flail, striking or gouging tool. Don't sacrifice your fingers or knuckles in an attack. You can do more damage with this product than you can with fingers or fist alone.

We have 2 styles and several colors available. The Top picture and the one underneath show the original style and is availablein black or silver.

Weighs just 1.7 oz. and is just over 5 inches long.
The last 2 pictures show the new style.
Click on any pic to enlarge.

Tip from the Albequerque Police Dept. to Realtors:
11: Two other items that you may wish to carry on your person that will quietly but firmly make the point to the client (and anyone else) that you are aware of the need for personal safety are a personal alarm and, especially, a Kubaton (kubotan) on your key chain. Learn how to use the Kubaton.

We have a Kubotan Techinques Manual in the Book section Kubotan
Customer Comment:
Product came right away. Very good quality and low price. I paid a lot more for very the very same product sold under a different name.

Kubota Kubotan - Official Genuine
Kubota Kubotan - Official Genuine

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Kubotan Instruction Manual

Kubaton Training Manual written by Mr. Kubota himself. 56 pages with 114 pictures illustrating effective techniques to control your suspect or protect yourself with the kubotan. Contains the 6 basic techniques and other applications.
See our Kubotans in the Personal Protection Section.

All books and videos are brand new. Sorry, but books and videos are not returnable.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

KTMBList: $12.95
Lowest Sale Price: $9.95
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Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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