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Lipstick Knife

Lipstick Knives
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Item # G306A
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Lipstick Knives Can not ship to California, New York or Massachusetts

Lipstick Knife

Lipstick knives are a great ,covert item for self defense. Without attracting any attention, you could have this hidden knife out of your purse or pocket and ready to deploy when the situation calls for it. Somebody gets too close and does not heed your warning or clearly is threatening you is when you can take out your lipstick weapon and slash your assailant allowing you the time to get help or escape.
This knife disguised as a lipstick is more than just a novelty, its very useful.
We offer 3 case colors of lipstick knives.
A 1.5" double edged blade crafted inside a lipstick (or perfume)case. Rotate the bottom as you would a normal lipstick and the stainless steel blade emerges. The lipstick knife is a great stealthy self defense item for women. Black, Red and Blue case colors.
Can not ship to Ma, Ca, or NY.
Very light weight. See the dropdown menu to choose color.
We also have another version of hidden lipstick knife shown below.

Remember not to take these on an airplane.

Must be 18 years or older to purchase.

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Lipstick KnivesLipstick Knives

Lipstick Knife by Takedown

This lipstick knife is less than 3 inches long and only weighs 0.6 of an ounce. The high tech graphite body is strong and light. The black spear point blade is serrated on both sides to do maximum damage when used for self defense. Take your knife with you every where and surprise your attacker when you reach for your lipstick. This hidden lipstick knife is one of our most consistent sellers and now is officially stamped by Takedown. Blade is stainless steel with black finish and is 1.5 inches long when fully extended. The unit is 4.25 inches long with the knife out. Simply twist the barrel to extend the blade, just like your normal lipstick.
1045 surgical steel blade. 4.5 inch overall length. CIA agent style hidden knife. Takedown stamped on the blade - Know you're carrying tactical, police quality gear.Can not ship to Ma, Ca, or NY.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

G-307-BKList: $7.95
Lowest Sale Price: $4.95
You Save: $3.00 (38%)

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