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Mace Pepper Gun Free Batteries

Mace Pepper Spray Guns
Mace Pepper Gun Free Batteries

Mace Pepper Gun Free Batteries

Mace Pepper Gun Free Batteries

Mace Pepper Gun Free Batteries

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Mace Pepper Spray Gun Shoots 25 Feet

The Mace Pepper Spray Gun shoots a big stream of liquid fire up to 25 feet by using an advanced patented Bag-in-a-Can Technology. This feature allows the pepper spray (OC) to spray in a continuous stream pattern from any angle, even when the Pepper Spray Gun is held upside down.
Mace Guns spray range is 25 feet. The super hot formula also contains UV dye to aid in suspect identification. The Mace gun includes an Led light connected to the trigger, a half pull lights up your target(may blind and disorient target temporarily) The black gun has a strobing led light for extra self defense effect.
The OC super strength pepper spray formula (.74 Capsaicinoids, near the top of the list for heat power) is contained in a metal cartridge that is replaceable.
You get the extreme range and power of a big, heavy can of riot size pepper spray with a small gun unit weighing only a few ounces. Its about the size of a 38 snub-nosed revolver, but much lighter and made of aluminum. This Mace Gun is made of aluminum which is very light, yet strong.

Mace Pepper Gun comes with:

  • Pepper Gun dispenser,
  • One 28 gram OC cartridge,
  • One water test cartridge and
  • 3 LR44 Button Batteries (for the LED light).
    Refill cartridges are sold separately.
    Police strength 28 gram OC cartridge Included. Sprays up to 25 feet Contains 7 bursts (stream pattern) Trigger activated LED light
    Now available is the camouflage gun and nylon holster also in camo included. Requires Mace Pepper Gun OC Refill Cartridges
    Pepper Spray Restrictions:
    Pepper Spray (including pepper spray guns)cannot be shipped to NY, MA, WI, HI or AK or outside the USA. MA residents need an FID card to order pepper spray. Yes, we can ship pepper spray to MA if you fax a copy of your current FID card to us at 901-881-0842.
    Pepper spray products cannot be shipped by air or expedited.
    Colors available Silver, Pink or Black with strobing light, and now Camouflage, see dropdown menu to choose
    No sales to NY, AK or HI.
    Free LR44 replacement batteries included!

    Sorry, black model out of stok.

  • Refills for Mace Gun
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