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Personal Alarm Siren 130 dB PAL

Personal Alarm Siren 130 dB PAL

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Personal Alarm Siren with Pull Cord and door sensor PAL 130 dB Alarm

The Personal Alarm Siren is designed to keep you and your belongings safe. This personal alarm may be secured to a belt, backpack, or purse with the included belt clip or attached with the included lanyard. When the safety pin is removed from the alarm the loud, piercing 130 decibel alarm will sound and scare the heck out of anyone looking to do you harm and grab the attention of anyone in earshot who may provide assistance
Also included is a duckbill door sensor and led flashlight. Just hang the alarm on the knob and insert the duckbill attachment into the space beteen the door and the jamb. When the door opens or is shaken enough to cause the duckbill to fall out, the alarm will sound.
With an unbreakable plastic shell and small size -measures 2 7/8 inches x 2 and one-eighths inches x 1 and one-eighths inches-this alarm is perfect for keeping yourself and your property safe. This alarm requires one 9 volt battery that is available seperately.

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