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Personal Security Alarm Set

Personal Safety Alarm Set

Personal Safety Alarm Set

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Personal Alarm Set 130 dB

Now get them for under $8 each if you buy 3 units or more.
A very convenient, versatile personal alarm that can be used in a variety of ways with the loudest alarm in a portable unit. Excellent for traveling.
* Attaches to a belt or purse for easy access
* In an emergency pulling the cord unleashes an ear piercing 130 dB alarm and flashing light
* The alarm can scare off the would be attacker and summon help
*The included door or window accessory can scare off an intruder and alert you to their attempted entry.
*The unit can hang from the door to secure a hotel door or patient room door. Great travel security tool.
*When used on a regular basis in your home or office the alarm can be mounted next to your door using the included wall mounting bracket- this bracket allows the alarm to easily slide off when you leave the house and want to use it as a personal alarm
ThisPersonal Alarm includes a built in flashlight and flasher. Also included is an alarm warning decal and complete instructions.
When the alarm is triggered, the light also flashes. The light can also be used as a flashlight.
Uses one 9 volt battery, not included.
Dimensions: 2.25" wide, 2.75" tall, 1 3/8" deep.
If ordered with the Alarm, you can get a Duracell Procell 9 volt battery, same as used in hospitals for only $1.99.
  • Can be used to protect yourself, purse, laptop, luggage, backpack, etc.
  • Alarm siren includes flashing light
  • Can use door/window clip to secure a door or window from opening (from the inside or outside)

  • Personal Safety Alarm
    Personal Safety Alarm

    Personal Safety Alarm
    List: $12.95
    Lowest Sale Price: $8.95, 100 for $575.00
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