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Home >> Police Force 9,500,000* Tactical Mini Stun Gun

Police Force 9,500,000* Tactical Mini Stun Gun

Police Force 9,500,000* Tactical Mini Stun Gun
Police Force 9,500,000* Tactical Mini Stun Gun

Police Force 9,500,000* Tactical Mini Stun Gun

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Item # SWPFTS95R
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Police Force 9,500,000* Tactical Mini Stun Gun

Newly minted Police Force stun gun model output highest level ever. Introducing our no frills, power- packed Police Force 9,500,000 Tactical Mini Stun Gun. If you are looking for a stun gun that performs many different functions this model is NOT for you! However if are looking for a mini stun gun with a massive electrical discharge and fast take down power, we are confident you will not find a stronger compact stun gun anywhere. In order to design the strongest model possible we have removed the light and filled the space with an extra battery. When you compare the power of SWPFTS95R with other mini stun guns on the market the difference is SHOCKING.

All our other Police Force models are durable metal flashlights and batons. This the first compact model that is strong enough to be added to this series of Police Grade Stun Guns.


Police Strength Protection: Engineered to meet the demands of Police, Military, and Security Professionals worldwide but also available to civilians. Optimized for Power: We have removed the light to make room for extra batteries to create our strongest compact stun gun possible. Rubberized Armor Coating: Protects the unit and ensures a firm grip. Built-In Charger: The charging plug flips out for easy charging. There are no cords to keep up with; simply plug into a standard wall outlet. Safety Switch: To prevent accidental discharge, two levels of safety have been built in. Disable Pin: Prevents an attacker from taking this stun gun aways and using it on you. A strap worn around the wrist attaches to a disable pin on the bottom of the unit. If the stun gun is taken from you, the pin will pull out, preventing it from working Inconspicuous Holster: We include a high quality holster with belt loop and clip. This holster looks like an ordinary cell phone holster so no one will know you are carrying a high powered stun gun. Lifetime Warranty: The Police Force 9,500,000 is made of the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty. See the enclosed instructions for complete details.


Police Force 9,500,000 Tactical Mini Stun Gun Deluxe holster with belt loop and clip Metal disable pin with lanyard

*Actual Voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this unit compares to other brands that claim to be 9,500,000 or more volts.

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