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Inova X5 UV Black Light LED UV Flashlight

Inova X5 UV Black Light LED UV Flashlight

Inova X5 UV Black Light LED UV Flashlight

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Inova Portable Black Light UV 365-400 nM LED Flashlight High Power

The best uv flashlight is in stock, ready to ship.

Newest Model with Dual Mode high and low power uv beams. Runtime of 30 minutes on high or 85 hours on low. IPX4 water resistance and 1M Impact resistance. Floodlight output is 365-400 nM (395 average) with 1000 hour bulb life.
High mode for when conditions require a stronger beam, like high ambient lighting or low mode for ID and bill verification.

The original Inova X5 Ultraviolet is built with long life uv leds (Nichia from Japan) and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, and serves in many professional fields, like forensics, counterfeit bill detection, illuminating fluorescent powders and inks, antique authentication, scorpion detection and more. Now with high and low modes.

The Inova X5 UV is used by many government agencies, military, investigators, inspection teams from many industries.

The 5 black light leds have a life of many thousands of hours and will burn for up to 85 hours (low mode) on a pair of Lithium 3V CR123a batteries(included). This portable black light has a range of about 10 feet and a momentary-on or constant-on tailcap. Single Mode.
Primary wavelength of UV output is 365 to 400 nM.
Includes one set of batteries.
This is the newest model now produced by Niteize which acquired the brand from Emissive Energy. The Flashlight has 8 flat sides, not the scoops of the older models.
Click on the inset picture to see how the X5 illuminates our thief detection powder.
This light is fantastic for illuminating urine residue. Take it with you traveling to make sure your hotel room is clean (or if it needs to be cleaned). Darkening the room always helps you see the fluorescense of organic matter (urine), scorpions, etc, but this light is so strong you may not need to. Not a toy like those 4 or 5 inch tube lights.
This is the newest model with 2 modes.
Limited Lifetime Warranty from Inova. Inova will replace the flashlight if anything does not work within the first 10 years.(Inova now owned by Niteize)
Shipping is $3.95 for orders over $99.
Shipping is only $7.79 for orders under $99. Larger quantities are available, please email for a quote.
The Formed Holster is an extra nice nylon holster with a molded body, taped seams and snap closure. When purchased with the flashlight its only $3.95 - see dropdown menu
Also, the extra batteries you can order are Tenergy Protected Cells that will power your light better than most for only $1.50 each. See the dropdown menu to choose.

Black light UV Flashlight

Now in stock

Some Comments from previous buyers:

  • I used it for detecting cat pee and it works pretty well. It has a decently powerful light. You'll end up finding old and/or new stains. IMO it is Best to look for the stains at night. Don't use this in your own bathroom unless you want to imediately begin a cleaning job.
  • I ordered this when we got another dog. It is great for searching for pee. If you want a real shocker, check out how well you are cleaning your toilets!
  • The Inova X5MT-WUWT is a well built, rock-solid, compact, powerful and sturdy light. Its case allows it to withstand everyday (ab)use and is shockproof and (partially) waterproof. The switch is well engineered, with a safe lock for preventing accidental use. The only thing I don't like about this flashlight is its "rolling" form factor, but for the rest is an excellent product.

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