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SAP Gloves

SAP Gloves
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Item # SAP-172575
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SAP Steel Shot Leather Gloves Combat full finger

Genuine SAP Weighted Combat gloves are made of genuine high quality leather with steel shot sewn into the knuckle areas of each glove.
The leather is soft and tough and as high quality as any leather dress gloves. The nylon material is tough and elastic to ensure a good fit. These weighted gloves are brand new and come from SAP the same gloves sold for much more elsewhere. 5 Star rating from users and a lower price here.These SAP gloves are great for martial arts training, biking or any activity where you need to protect your hands and land a big punch. Not bad in a fist fight either.
Please check your local ordinances as to legality of possession and use of weighted SAP gloves. Police, Military and Security personnel may find these useful as will bikers, martial artists and those wanting to exercise with some extra weight on their hands.

This Model 172575 has stretch nylon for a good fit and additional protection bars sewn in between the 2nd and 3d knuckles as well as a triangular palm heel pad. Velcro strap (says COMBAT) allows you to tighten the glove around your wrist.
Get your usual size since the nylon is stretchy.

Note: None of the brands I know of actually have 8 oz of steel shot per glove. None of them, but these are the closest. These still have real leather and are well padded.

We will not sell SAP Gloves to MA, CA or NY..

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