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Telephone Microphone Suction Cup Pickup

Telephone Recording Microphone with Suction Cup Induction

Telephone Microphone Suction Cup Pickup

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Suction Cup Mic or Recorder Telephone Pickup

Attach to phone receiver to pickup both sides of the conversation. Works on all traditional phones. May not work on cell phones unless phone has an induction loop. Standard plug fits most average size recorders, is 3.5mm. (1/8th inch) 3 foot cord.
Attach the suction cup to the handset behind the earpiece, and plug the 3.5mm mono connector into any standard recording device Actual Customer Comment:
Worked exactly as described when other, more expensive item didnt. I would have no trouble doing business with them again.
The suction cup sticks on either the opposite side of the physical hearing speaker earpiece on the handset or on the side or top of the earpiece on the handset. You can then use the handset as you normally do.
Just like the ones you used to get at Radio Shack.

Charles C

Very pleased with seller performance. 
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