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Pepper Spray Booby Trap Alarm - Discontinued

Pepper Spray Booby Trap Alarm - Discontinued

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Pepper Spray Booby Trap Alarm

No need to plug in this pepper spray alarm, there are no batteries and no phone line to deal with.. Trip wire action sets it off.
Nothing is more effective for home/office crime prevention than this pepper spray alarm. Set up this trip wire alarm unit by the door or window most likely to be entered. When the trip wire is moved, the pepper spray booby trap releases 4 ounces of stinging, irritating pepper spray in a fog that cannot be avoided. Thieves run out as fast as they can. No need to have it monitored or to wait for police to arrive. Even the average thief knows he can't spend more than a few minutes in the house or business. So even a monitored alarm will fail to save your goods. But this unit doesn't wait for anything. It forces them to leave the premises, IMMEDIATELY!
They never get the chance to take anything.
Installs in just a few minutes. The 2x2x7 inch unit screws to a wall or stud. Attach the tripwire and you are done. Instructions included.
Covers up to 2000 interior square feet.
Airs out in about 4 hours after activation. No cleanup is required in most cases. Comes with one 4 oz. can of pepper spray. Refills available separately. Can be used over and over again (by replacing pepper spray can).
Great for foyers, basement doors and windows, garages, attics,vacation homes and cabins,barns,outbuildings,hunting lodges,retail shops,storage sheds,warehouses,farms,boats etc. etc. A super crime prevention item.
Very sturdy, built from a solid chunk of aluminum. Includes all components necessary including trip line.
Simple to install and operate. Fasten unit to a wall, door jamb or similar with 2 screws. Fasten trip wire to trigger and the other end to a point across the path the intruder must take when entering. When the trip wire is moved, jostled, or tripped over, the trigger sets off the pepper spray. The spray will continue until can is empty.
Clean up residue with any household detergent or cleaner. If expecting a break-in, it might save some time to cover items you don't want to clean.
Not for use in aircraft or in the passenger compartment of cars, trucks or buses.

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Pepper Spray Restrictions
Pepper Spray cannot be shipped to NY, MA, HI or AK or outside the USA. (Except Bear Spray and Muzzle Dog Spray can be shipped to NY, MI and WI). MA residents need an FOID card to order pepper spray. Yes we can ship pepper spray to MA if you fax a copy of your current FOID card to us at 901-881-0842. Any order that includes pepper spray will be shipped UPS Ground unless you specifically ask to split the order and ship the other items by air. Two shipping charges would then apply.

Pepper Spray Home Protection Alarm


(10-29-13 )

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Pepper Spray Booby Trap Refill - Discontinued
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