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Thief Detection Powder Visible Dye

Thief Detection Powder Visible Dye

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Thief Detection Powder Visible Dye

Thief detection powder can be used to trap thieves by applying it to objects likely to be stolen. Almost Instant Impact! When the protected item comes into contact with moisture on the skin the marking powder creates a highly visible stain which can last for several days and is difficult to remove.The secret is the surgical dye in the powder.
The green colored powder is especially well-suited for currency protection and when applied to the skin stains a brilliant purple.(You cannot miss the stain it leaves)
Note, the powder will stain anything with moisture on it and can easily make a mess. Be careful and understand that once the powder contacts any moisture, a stain will be formed.
Do not use on products that are porous and that you do not want to get stained.
The green powder when made moist leaves a brilliant purple stain. In dry condition its very dark green, almost black
The brown powder stains red.
The silver and black powders leave the deep purple stain. The Light Purple powder will leave a deep purple stain.
See the drop down menu to choose the colors best suited to blend with your environment.
One Ounce Net Weight. Plenty of powder to treat dozens of articles or currency.

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