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Fox Labs Pepper Spray - 2 oz. Cop Top OC Spray

Fox Labs Cop Top MK3 2 Oz

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Fox Labs Pepper Spray, the hottest oc pepper spray made!

We have all Fox Labs models at the lowest prices on the Web. Fox Labs is the only brand that uses the 5.3MM true Scoville heat unit formula. Pure OC is 15MM shu, Fox Labs produces the closest formula made to the pure compound and therefor the most effective, by far.

The 2 oz can of Fox Labs Pepper spray is effective from 10-12 feet (conservatively) and contains at least 24 half-second sprays of the hottest pepper spray made.

The Wide-mouth actuator top (cop top) helps prevent accidents by providing a clear "forward" feeling without having to look at the can. Medium fog pepper spray pattern is usually best except in windy conditions where blowback may be an issue. If no choice is made, we will ship the fog spray. Splatter stream is available and very effective, requires a bit more accuracy but has extended range up to 15 feet. This is the finest pepper spray made, thousands of law enforcement officers, public and private, swear by it. For your personal protection, don't buy anything less.
Optional vinyl holster has snap flap and belt clip.
Holsters offered in the dropdown menu are discounted when purchased with the pepper spray.

We cannot ship pepper spray to NY, MA, AK or HI.

If you need a quote on larger quantities email or call us. You can buy a case (64 units) right here with another 10% taken off.
This item cannot be shipped by air.

Fox Labs Pepper Spray

Dimensions of Fox Labs 5.3 cans:
  • Flip Tops :
    2-oz., 4" H x 1 3/8" Dia.
  • Cop Tops:
    2-oz., 4.25" H x 1 3/8" Dia.

2-oz., 4H x 1 3/8 Dia.; approx 18 sec. bursts*
Heavy Stream Pattern goes 17 - 20 feet. Cone Fog Pattern goes 12 - 15 feet

*FOX LABS does not use tiny nozzle openings that reduce the amount of formula discharged per burst. Other companies do this so they can make claims about more bursts per unit for reasons of marketing to make their products sound better to those who dont stop and think about what this actually means. The reality is that 2, 3 or 4 ounces of formula is the same volume regardless of whose canister it is in, so the only way to get more bursts from a canister is to reduce how much formula is being discharged per burst. FOX LABS units discharge as much of their famous formula as possible per burst to make sure you have an opportunity to stop the assailant/s as quickly as possible.

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