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 Fox Pepper Spray & Nylon Holster

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Spray Pattern and Loop Holster

2 oz Fox Labs pepper spray with Nylon Holster (belt loop or clip).

Fox Labs 2 oz Pepper Spray price includes a Nylon Holster
Fox Pepper spray that's with you everywhere you go. When it comes to your personal defense, don't leave home without it. Keep Fox Labs self defense spray in the car, the house, your briefcase. Carry some with you camping and hiking, too.
Same 5.3 MM SHU formula in cop top with fog or stream pattern, or flip-top with stream-only pattern. This formula uses the finest and most refined resin from peppers to creat the most respected defense spray on this planet.
Choose the nylon holster and the 2 oz can of Fox labs pepper spray in the stream or fog pattern from the dropdown menu. Fox Labs pepper spray is your best choice for a self defense product that's non-lethal yet has a history of being effective when other spays are not. You cannot go wrong with this product. There are no batteries to go dead and no skill in its use. Just spray at the face of your attacker.

We cannot ship pepper spray to NY, MA, AK or HI.

See the dropdown menu to choose the spray pattern and holster option you wish.
The first (default) choice is the belt LOOP holster.
Pepper Spray Restrictions
Pepper Spray cannot be shipped to NY, MA, HI or AK or outside the USA. (Except Bear Spray and Muzzle Dog Spray can be shipped to NY, MI and WI). Any order that includes pepper spray will be shipped UPS or USPS Ground unless you specifically ask to split the order and ship the other items by air. Two shipping charges would then apply.

Fox Pepper Spray with Nylon Holster with Belt Loop, 2 oz.


I purchased this after two run-ins with loose dogs attacking my dog while mine was on a walk and leashed. Thankfully have not had to use it yet, but feel much more confident that I have a remedy for any possible future similar events. My holster is black (preferred color), and the manufacture date was only 3 weeks prior to the date of arrival (very new, fresh product). 
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