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Cop Top Fox Labs 4 oz. MK4

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Fox Labs Pepper Sprays 4 ounce size MK4

Fox Labs big can has double the stopping power and fits in the Palm of Your Hand! The unique Fox Labs formula uses super refined OC resin purified to 5.3MM SHU, like no other defense spray. Get the best. This Fox Labs formula can handle a crowd with enough pepper spray solution for 35 one-half-second sprays. The wide mouth actuator top (Cop Top) of this pepper spray is built for a positive feel that makes you spray forward away from yourself. 5.3 MM Shu formula. Contains UV dye for perp acquisition.

2-oz., 4in H x 1 3/8in Dia.; approx 18 half sec. bursts* 4-oz., 5.75in H x 1.5in Dia.; approx 32-36 half sec. bursts* Heavy Stream Pattern goes 17 - 20 feet. Cone Fog Pattern goes 12 - 15 feet

*FOX LABS does not use tiny nozzle openings that reduce the amount of formula discharged per burst. Other companies do this so they can make claims about more bursts per unit for reasons of marketing, ie, to make their products sound better to those who don't stop and think about what this actually means. The reality is that 2, 3 or 4 ounces of formula is the same volume regardless of whose canister it is in, so the only way to get more bursts from a canister is to reduce how much formula is being discharged per burst. FOX LABS units discharge as much of their famous formula as possible per burst to make sure you have an opportunity to stop the assailant's as quickly as possible.

Optional nylon holster has velcro flap and belt clip. .

Pepper Spray Restrictions
Pepper Spray cannot be shipped to NY, MA, HI or AK or outside the USA. (Except Bear Spray and Muzzle Dog Spray can be shipped to NY ).
This item cannot be shipped by air

Fox Labs Pepper Sprays 4 oz.


Purchased a few items like Fox Labs pepper spray and Sudecon decon wipes. Defense Devices shipped it out promptly and well packaged. The Fox labs pepper spray had a fairly new born on date and I was happy all around. I've placed many orders with these guys and every time has been a good experience. Not to mention they had the lowest prices. 


Good experience, everything was as expected. Thank You 
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