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FOX Labs Introduces 'FIVE POINT THREE' A Revolutionary New OC Defense Spray Formula

DETROIT- FOX LABS International turns up the heat, again! In August 1998, the Michigan-based manufacturing and marketing company introduced another breakthrough product for law enforcement in the realm of less-lethal aerosol defense sprays-5,300,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) in a 2% OC (pepper) solution! This is the second time Fox Labs has set a new standard in this arena. In 1994, Fox Labs was the first company to introduce a two million SHU OC formula to the marketplace and it revolutionized the industry. It is still unsurpassed by any other product, except FIVE POINT THREE.

This newest product from Fox Labs International will continue to meet the requirements and fill the most stringent needs of any department or agency while offering the additional benefits of reducing liability concerns and baby-sitting time. This is accomplished by lowering the content (percentage) of hard-matter (pepper particles) within the formula. This translates into reduced liability and baby-sitting time without sacrificing potent stopping power: 5.3 million SHUs-derived from using oleoresin capsicum so highly refined that it is a clear red liquid.

FIVE POINT THREE was initially developed to increase the potency of 2% OC products, the maximum allowed under law for civilians, including security personnel, in Michigan. Upon speaking with training officers from various departments throughout the country it became clear that this newest FOX product would also fulfill a need that still exists within the law enforcement community: further reduction of liability when using aerosol defense sprays as part of the force continuum.

As with the entire family of Fox Premium Aerosol Defense Sprays, this new formula is non-flammable and unsurpassed in every way. It is available in all sizes which includes our 11-gram key chain units, 56, 84 and 112-gram (2, 3 and 4 oz.) duty/civilian belt versions and 454-gram (1 lb.) canisters with Fox's powerful heavy stream or medium fog delivery patterns. It is also available by special order in our 5.5 pound Mega TANK riot-control units, 6-ounce extraction units and 2-ounce grenades (law enforcement only).

All of the superlative products marketed by Fox Labs International are field-proven to be the best in the world. In addition to the intense, yet safe FOX Premium defense sprays, they offer their famous Sudeconâ Decontaminate Wipes-the leader in aerosol defense spray aftercare, the incomparable Full Safety Holster with the patented 'break-away' Velcro™ design, and the unequaled Bad Bob/Head-Shot Bob 3-D, realistic and reactive tactical training targets.


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