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Pepper Spray Facts

What is Pepper Spray?
Pepper spray, oleoresin capsicum (OC), is a natural substance derived from the oily resins found in cayenne and other varieties of pepper. Contact with OC in a sprayed mist induces an immediate and intense burning sensation of the skin but especially impacts the eyes causing them to slam shut, burn, tear, swell. Also, the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, and sinuses burn, swell and make breathing difficult. In fact, even though tear gas is fairly nasty, it does not have the same inflammation and swelling effects of OC. Plus OC will not degrade over time like tear gas. People under the influence of drugs or who are otherwise oblivious to pain may be able to keep their eyes open when sprayed with tear gas but not so with OC. When sprayed in the eyes, the eyes will involuntarily slam shut whether they feel pain or not. This temporary blindness causes fear and disorientation allowing you to escape and get help.

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FOX LABS Pepper Spray Formulation:
This new formulation provides the most intense impact of any pepper spray on the market while also being the safest. The extremely high Scoville Heat Unit(SHU) rating of Fox Labs OC products simply makes it even more effective. Many highly effective pepper spray products are rated at 1 million to 2 million SHU. Compare this to an OC of 5.3 million SHU used in Fox Lab products and you are comparing a paper match(about 451 degrees F) to a blue-hot blowtorch (about 2000 degrees F) flame. Another distinct advantage of the Fox Labs formulation is the more highly purified concentration vs the others. OC is made from an oily slurry of ground-up peppers. The inert(non OC) solids in the slurry Fox Labs uses are removed. This refinement process leaves only the heat(OC), color, and oil. This translucent red liquid is 2 to 4 times more potent than the next hottest brand. If you only have a half ounce of liquid to use, wouldn't you rather have the stuff that's 4 times hotter?
What burns hotter and cleaner, crude oil or high octane gasoline? Fox Labs OC products have more of the good stuff. This purity results in faster, more reliable and consistent effects.

The propellant used in Fox Labs products is non-flammable and pharmaceutical grade. Let the thousands of law enforcement and military agencies be your guide since they are experts at effectiveness without causing permanent damage (and lawsuits).

Pepper Spray Q and A

Q. Won't 5.3 MM SHU cause physical damage?
A. No, This pepper spay is a more purified form of the OC used elsewhere. There are no added ingredients that would cause damage. The OC which is the active ingredient is just more refined with less"junk" in it than the others.Because it is so pure it is more effective yet easier to remove after exposure than the other types. It is allowed to be sold in Michigan.
Q. Why are your prices higher than other pepper sprays?
A. Our prices are higher than some pepper sprays you find on auction sites, etc. But, you get what you pay for. The refinement process is more intense and requires more time and expense and produces less usable product than the other types of pepper spray. Also, Fox Labs products are used by military and law enforcement agencies across the USA. These agencies would not use a product that would cause physical damage, or not be effective. Remember, many military and law enforcement agencies require that their own personnel be subjected to pepper sprays and stun guns to be more effective in carrying out their own duties. When your life depends on the product being effective, isn't it worth a small extra expense to ensure your safety and maybe save your life or that of a loved one?

Q. Can I take pepper spray on an airplane?
A. No, you cannot carry any pepper spray or stun gun on an airplane or in carry-on luggage. You can, however take a can (up to 4 oz.) in your checked baggage.

- WASP Spray
(Taken from Quora.com) What can I expect to happen if I use a can of wasp spray for self defense?

Chris Everett 963 Views Upvoted by Al Saibini, Retired federal agent and deputy sheriff Chris is a Most Viewed Writer in Pepper Spray.

First, you better expect to be killed by the person you're using it against. Wasp spray isn't debilitating. Unless you hit someone in the eyes it's likely to be ineffective entirely, and even if you do hit them in the eyes it's likely not to stop a determined attack.

Cliff Gilley says you would be sued. I agree. I'm not sure if they would win, presuming that the underlying self defense claim was solid... But it would be a dicey scenario. If it was something grabbed in desperation, you would probably be safe. If you had a can sitting beside the door, and asked about it's use for self-defense on, say, Quora.... Well, that's probably not a good combination. I would not be worried about federal charges, really (they have bigger fish to fry), but it's just not good ground in a civil suit.

Pepper spray or other products designed for defensive use are a much better choice.

(From Defensededevices.com)Some reasons for this are: The wasp spray will not impair breathing. If you do not get any of the fluid in their eyes, wasp spray will not hurt them or probably even bother them. Pepper spray will make breathing difficult as it swells up the linings of the nose, mouth and throat. You can wipe away wasp spray in a few seconds and not feel anything at all. Pepper spray effects will stay with the target for at least 30 minutes or more. Pepper spray does not wipe away at all. Unless cleansed thoroughly from all surfaces it will irritate the living hell out of the target until his body can remove all of it from his system. This process will take time and the OC will continue to do its job until its gone.

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