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Adjusting the Telescopic Baton

Adjusting the Telescopic Baton

Ok, you bought a telescopic baton(expandable, retractable, telescoping, collapsible, extendable, etc.)and it doesn't open and close as effortlessly as in the videos or it won't stay closed.

Its a very simple adjustment for most any of these batons. ASP, Casco, S&W Smith and Wesson, The generic Chinese models, etc. all work on the same principals, but not the same materials, workmanship and tolerances.

The key is the retaining clip on the butt end of the baton. Simply unscrew the end cap of the baton. Gently pull the cap away from the baton and you will see the clip nestled in the end cap as you pull it out of the baton section. This clip may be open ended or closed. All you have to do is adjust the tension this clip exerts on the baton section it fits in to.

For Batons that are too stiff, don't open easily: Just very slightly squeeze the clip together to make it a little bit smaller in profile. You might be able to achieve this with your fingers if the adjustment needed is slight. Otherwise use a needle nose or small pliers. Do this a little at a time. IE, squeeze, put it back together and try the baton. Repeat if needed. The reason I encourage small increments is that the clip is brittle and soft at the same time. Too much of a change may bring the opposite unwanted condition.

For Batons that open too easily and don't stay closed: You guessed it, spread the clip apart to make it a little wider.

ASP and other high end batons will have replacement clips you can purchase if needed.\

Do NOT, ever, apply any oil to an ASP friction lock baton, NEVER OIL. This goes for any friction lock telescopic, retractable, expandable baton.

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