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ASP Lithium 3.0 Volt CR123 Batteries

ASP Batteries CR123A Lithium

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ASP Lithium CR123A Batteries 3.0 Volt PTC Protected

Sold by the Pair

You get TWO ASP CR123A batteries for this price $3.15 or $1.58 each.

ASP CR123A spiral wound Lithium batteries were designed for use in digital cameras and similar low discharge rate consumer electronics. The cell has the advantage of high energy density compared to more traditional battery chemistries (such as alkaline). The batteries are stable in a wide range of temperatures and have a shelf life of ten years. However, when used in devices such as high intensity flashlights which have a high rate of discharge, internal cell heat can build up. This can result in explosive conditions. The Duracell Battery Company developed the first re-settable current and Thermal Protection System. All ASP batteries incorporate a similar PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) device and pressure relief vent. If an ASP battery short circuits or discharges at currents above their design limit, the PTC causes the cells internal resistance to increase, limiting the amount of current that can be drawn and keeping the internal cell temperature within safe limits. The pressure relief vent activates the relieve excessive internal pressure. These internal safety devices increase battery cost. When using CR123A Lithium batteries in a high discharge rate device such as a flashlight, always insist on PTC batteries.

Why ASP Batteries Are Better
ASP batteries continue to move forward gaining notoriety and respect within the industry. Two well respected companies have now chosen ASP CR123A batteries to power all of their manufactured equipment. B.E. Meyers, maker of photonics equipment for military and law enforcement, sends every handheld model out the door with ASP CR123A batteries and the knowledge that they are using the best battery on the market. This has been confirmed by independent studies with other CR123A batteries made by leading manufacturers. Z-Bolt (Beam of Light Technologies) has developed top of the line equipment mainly used in the identification and disposal of explosives. ASP is now delivering their second order of 10,000+ CR123A batteries to drive their equipment and protect military personnel.

SPECIFICATION: CR123A Lithium batteries Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) device Pressure relief vent

PERFORMANCE: A PTC circuit and backup pressure relief vent allow safe operation of CR123A Lithium batteries in high discharge devices such as high intensity LED flashlights.

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ASP Link Battery Cases 4 or CR123A Batteries Plus Link Battery Cases

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