ASP Safety Kit

ASP Safety Set System 64025   64024  64029

ASP Safety Set Kit

ASP Safety Set Kit

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ASP Safety Set (Palm Defender, Alert Whistle, Sapphire Light)

The Safety System is made up of four components that all work together to provide a one-of-a-kind personal security system. The Breakaway Lanyard is soft for constant wear leaving both hands free until the system is needed.

The Palm Defender provides a 2MM Scoville Heat Unit kick that will leave anyone incapacitated when deployed. The Alert Whistle is intense and piercing and the Sapphire USB Light is small but gives off 20 lumens of LED light and is USB rechargeable. All of the components are law enforcement quality but are popular on college campuses, public transportation and outdoor enthusiasts. Colors: Black 64024, Gold 64026 and Red 64029.

  • Breakaway Lanyard
  • Palm Defender
  • Alert Whistle
  • Sapphire USB Light

    ASP News

    While conducting product training with the retail sales associates of Atlantic Tactical (NY), Bill Wheatley was approached by a customer after he heard Bill explaining the Safety Set. He had mentioned how he saw the set in the ASP online catalog and thought it was an excellent concept for personal self defense. He noted that this is a responsibility of all people to take steps to defend themselves against the ever present threats in society today. The customer said he has a daughter in college and that the Safety Set is exactly what he was looking for to give her for a level of self defense. The combination of an audible alert in the Alert Whistle, the illumination tool in the Sapphire USB and the self defense of the Palm Defender OC Spray attached to a breakaway lanyard is another example of ASP Systems working together to help people protect themselves.

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