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Glass Breaker Baton Cap

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ASP Window Breaker Baton Cap

The ASP Breakaway glass breaker will add the versatility of a window breaker butt cap to your ASP baton. Just unscrew the old cap, add the glass breaker and then cover it with your old cap. It’s a great tool to have in an emergency. Whether its a car accident or child left in a hot car, the BreakAway is readily available. This subcap attaches to an ASP Friction Loc Baton. Adding one of these to your ASP baton and you have the ability to easily break through auto window glass in one swing or poke with the ceramic pins. The sharp points concentrate your force into a tiny area allowing easy penetration through glass. You can even break through windshield glass as illustrated in the video. The window glass breaker cap will only add 3/4 of an inch to your baton length.
Comes in black and electroless.

Ron Soliday met with Joseph Courtney, trainer for the California Highway Patrol. They discussed an AIC in the area and training in general. Joseph told Ron about some recent training he had gone through. They were studying extracting uncooperative suspects from a car and tried several different methods of breaking the window without much success. At that point, the instructor stepped up and said, “This is how you do it.” He pulled out his baton, reached into his pocket, attached an ASP BreakAway and made short work out of the car window. Joe told Ron that he and many other students were completely blown away and impressed with the ease and efficiency of the BreakAway

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