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Marking Cash - Preventing Theft - Find the Thief

How to Booby Trap a Purse

How to Booby Trap a Purse or clothing or luggage etc.

and Catch a Thief.

A thief has been stealing money from your purse at work or anyplace where you leave your purse unattended for a period of time. You may or may not know who he is, but you cannot confront him since he is stealing cash which, unless you mark it, cannot be identify him as the thief. There are several methods that may be employed to catch the thief red-handed.

You could mark your cash with a UV Pen. You could just draw an x but it might be better to write your first name on the bills. The writing is invisible until you shine a UV or blacklight on the bill.

Alternately, or in addition, you might consider dusting with visible thief detection powder, in order to stain the thief's sweaty paws a deep purple. Be careful handling this powder as it will be messy and stain everything it touches in the presence of a little moisture. Again, be careful, if you have purple stains on your hands, people may notice. You may want to use rubber gloves to set the trap.

When you leave your purse, dust some of the powder on the zipper and where it might be grabbed to pick up. You can use a Q-tip for this. Choose a color that will be least visible on your purse. You can try just a little dab to control it. If the thief is not obvious, you can spread it around a little more, the next time. The hands will become stained a deep purple the moment the powder gets any moisture. It will also happen to your hands and clothes unless very careful and deliberate, or wear gloves.

Alternately you can use the Invisible UV powder, but to display must shine a uv light on the suspect.

These uv flashlights can be inexpensive and come in penor small handheld UV flashlight varieties.

An additional technique is to record the serial numbers on your cash. Let a friend know you have done this so they can testify on your behalf should it be needed. By itself, it may not be enough, but combined with one of these other techniques will certainly prove foul play.

Also possible is to use a personal alarm with a pull cord. If the purse needs to be moved in order to open it(ie position it with the opening against a wall)you would attach the cord to the zipper of handle with the pin inserted the minimum amount to keep the alarm quiet. When the purse is moved a few inches, the pin is pulled out and the alarm will sound. You will want to practice this a few times at home. Plus, you will need to be within earshot so you or trusted accomplice can see who caused the alarm to go off.

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