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Deluxe Locking Metal Book Safe

Deluxe Locking Metal Book Safe

Deluxe Locking Metal Book Safe

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Deluxe Locking Book Safe with Keyed Lock

Get the double protection of disguise and a lock with this metal, key-locking book safe. Perfect for secret cash storage and hiding other valuable. The outside looks like a dictionary. Inside, you have lots of room to secure cash, jewelry and other valuables. A small automatic pistol will fit (ie Glock 19 and Beretta 84 will fit).
You will be hard pressed to find a plain lock box for this price.
The internal storage box is 9" tall by 5.5" wide by 1.9" deep.(Large enough to fit a full size Beretta 9MM)
2 keys are included.

Small Model:
Also available is a smaller model only 7 inches tall for $2 less.

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Lowest Sale Price: $7.99
You Save: $3.96 (33%)

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