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Concealed Carry Badge and Wallet Set

CCW Badge and Wallet Set

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Concealed Carry Badge and Wallet

If you already have your concealed carry permit this wallet includes a gold CCW badge to display your credentials and illustrate your 2nd Amendment rights
Quick and easy means of displaying concealed carry permit with plastic protected pocket
Badge displays "Concealed Weapon Permit" & "My Freedom 2nd Amendment"
Strong clip attachment on the back of the badge
Not a requirement anywhere, but convenient to show you have the credentials to carry a firearm. The badge and wallet combo are packaged together in a heat sealed clamshell from the factory and cannot be sold separately. The wallet may not fit any other badge.

Note: We also carry a better quality CCW badge in gold and silver, see below.
You might want the better badge and minimal wallet like the nylon model.

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