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TASER &#174 Bolt Kit Sale

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Item # 39060
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TASER® Bolt ECD with Laser #39060

Includes the Bolt ECD with laser, Two Live Cartridges ,One battery pack,Target, Safety Cover and Manual.
TASER®Bolt devices can stop threats from up to 15 ft. (4.5 m) and can also be used as a contact stun device - a powerful backup capability. In actual use by law enforcement officers against dangerous suspects, TASER®technology has among the lowest injury rates of any force option. Effectiveness
TASER® energy weapons are field proven up to 95% effective in actual law enforcement use - the highest of any similar device. TASER® International makes the only device that can truly incapacitate people under the influence of PCP and other dangerous drugs. Easy To Use

Use the one cartridge and target for practice so you're comfortable with aiming and shooting your Bolt. The training manual includes complete instructions on activation, safety release, how and where to aim, and firing your ECD. Put the police-tested and trusted TASER technology in your hands.

TASER® technology has been available to citizens concerned with self-defense for over 15 years. Unlike conventional weapons, a TASER® Bolt application anywhere on the body can be effective, making it easier to use and more reliable under stress than any other use-of-force option. To be effective for self-defense, bullets risk more lethal consequences, striking the head or vital organs. Similarly, chemical or pepper sprays must hit an assailant in the face - a much less reliable alternative in fast moving confrontations. And, in a windy environment, sprays can be blown back onto the user. TASER® personal protection devices can be used more effectively and reliably than many other self-defense technologies. Legal To Carry In Most States TASER® devices are not considered firearms by the US Government. They can be legally carried (concealed or open) without permit required in 43 states. Prohibited citizen use in DC, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, WI, certain cities and counties. We will not ship to the states mentioned above. CT and IL (need Fid card) are legal with restrictions. Fax us your FID card if in Illinois(not Chicago), 901-881-0842. Check local laws before purchasing or carrying electronic control devices. Responsible Taser International is committed to doing the most possible to prevent potential misuse of our products. Accordingly, we have developed an advanced TASER® device tracking program called AFID (Anti-Felon Identification). Our AFID program enforces accountability for each use of the TASER® device and has worked successfully for over 14 years with citizen sales. Each TASER® cartridge sold for use with the TASER® device has a unique serial number. This serial number is printed in a bar code format on the back of each TASER® cartridge. At the time the probes are packed into each TASER® cartridge, approximately 20-30 pieces of film printed with the serial number of that TASER®cartridge are loaded behind them. Every TASER cartridge that is sold by TASER®International is than entered into our shipment tracking system. When the TASER® C2 is deployed, these AFID tags are dispersed at the scene. The large number of AFIDs and their small size makes it impractical to clean up. Should law enforcement investigate a suspected TASER® deployment, the AFID tags can easily be found for a complete trace on the serial number by TASER® International. The innovated AFID program was developed and implemented by TASER® International at our own cost. It is not required by law; we think it's the right thing to do. No other weapon in the world - guns, knives, chemical and pepper sprays, electronic defense units, or batons - can be traced from evidence at the scene of the crime to the registration of the user. It all comes back to registration, verification, tracking, and responsibility. Lifetime Replacement Guarantee When a TASER® C2 personal protection device is used in self-defense, it can be deployed and left behind providing the user an automatic window of opportunity to get to safety and call law enforcement. Send us a copy of the police report documenting the incident and we will replace your TASER® device free of charge. Your life is worth more to us than the cost of a TASER® device.
What's in the Package
  • TASER® C2 with laser
  • Two TASER® Bolt cartridges
  • On lithium cell battery good for 50 uses
  • Manual
  • Target

    Shipping by UPS ground is only a flat $3.95 for one or more units.

    Due to legal restrictions, we cannot ship stun guns or Tasers to APO addresses or overseas. We are also unable to ship to Washington D.C. and the following cities, states and territories:

    • Hawaii
    • Indiana
    • Massachusetts
    • Michigan
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • Rhode Island
    • Annapolis, Maryland
    • Baltimore County, Maryland
    • Howard County, Maryland
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • Denison, Iowa
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Residents of Illinois must fax a current FID card to us, and residents of Wisconsin must fax a concealed carry permit to us at 901-881-0842 in order to purchase a Taser or stun gun.

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