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Caltrops, 10 spikes to a box. 1 Box for $3.99.

Caltrop Tire Spikes

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Caltrops, Tire Spikes

Caltrops have been hazardous since ancient times (ninja jacks), incapacitating foot soldiers during the earliest wars. They are devastating to inflatable wheels, such as those on motorcycles. They may work on automobile tires, but results vary.

They can easily pierce shoe soles so can be very effective at slowing down any pursuer on foot.
Each small road spike measures approximately 1.25 inches across. They are made from ferrous metal, so you can pick them up with a magnet if you drop them and can't find them. An innovative design ensures that these Caltrops tire spikes always land with one point vertical, so you could toss them across a private access road on property that you control rather than taking the time to place them carefully. They are ideal for defending a path or perimeter.(prepping supply)

These Caltrops tire spikes come in sets of 10 and are intended for use on property you own or control. They are very sharp and can cause injury when placed in areas where foot traffic traverses or where crawling to enter or exit a space is necessary.

Tire Spikes
Tire Spikes

Tire Spikes
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