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Replacement Bulb Only for the Cell Blaster Phone Sterilizer
The Cell Blaster is discontinued, however we do have the replacement tube for it.

Cell Phone Sterilizer

Cell Blaster UV Germ Cleaner Replacement Tube Bulb Only

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Item # CB-4000A
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This is way below our cost.

Sterilize Your Cell or Smart Phone with Cell Blaster CB 4000A from Spectronics

Replacement Bulb Only, the Cell Blaster itself is discontinued

Kill Germs on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus With Revolutionary UV Cell Phone Sanitizer
  • "Blast Away" Germs - Kills C-Diff

    Eliminates 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria on virtually any cell phone or hand-held personal device!
  • Just 30 Seconds!

    The CellBlaster sanitizer uses powerful germicidal UV light to "blast away" germs, bacteria and viruses on all your personal devices — in just 30 seconds! Used by hospitals for their internal phones.
  • Universal Design

    Universal design works with all types of cell phones, including flip phones, slider phones, iPhones, BlackBerry devices, Android phones and other smartphones. It also sanitizes iPods, MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets, earbuds and much more!

    The CellBlaster (R) is the world's first UNIVERSAL UV cell phone sanitizer! It's UNIVERSAL because, unlike its competitors, only CellBlaster (R) can accommodate any sized cell or smart phone with its outer case on which is where the germs are! CellBlaster (R) features an extra-long ultra-powerful germicidal UV tube and a super-reflective scanning bed that multiplies the power to quickly and effectively eliminate 99.9+% of disease-causing germs, bacteria and viruses. CellBlaster (R) works in just 30 seconds...not 3-5 minutes like the competition. And it sanitizes all sides and surfaces of your cell phone or other persoanl electronic device...not just the mouthpiece. Its compact, universal design works with virtually ANY type of cell phone or other hand-held personal device! This product is the result of Spectroline's world leadership in UV equipment design and manufacturing and their unique understanding of the benificial ways in which the natural germ killing and disease fighting ability of UV light can be put to work safely and effectively for the consumer. You may also want to know that CellBlaster (R) was tested at a major American university and found to be reliable and effective at killing virtually 100% of germs on all surfaces in 30 seconds. These comparative test results, performed by a noted microbiologist, are available on request. Also available on request are the results from Spectronics Corporation's internal testing, which was performed to verify that CellBlaster (R) is safe for your phone and that the UV energy produced by CellBlaster (R) will not degrade the materials or effect the performance or appearance of any electronic devices it is used to sanitize.

    One year manufacturer warranty certificate included. Bulbs warrantied for 30 days.
    Replacement Bulb available, part no. BLE-2537S

  • (11-14-2017)

    Easy to use product. Quick service 


    Easy to use and effective. 
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