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Only 4.5 inches tall. You can change from alarm to chime and back with a switch. 80 db alarm. Pleasant ding dong chime.

Chime  Alarm Motion Detector 2040

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Mini Chime Alarm

The Chime Alarm is both an ear piercing motion detector security alarm and a pleasant entry announcer. You may choose which you prefer at the touch of switch. It employs the latest motion detection technology to sound the 80 db alarm or chime should any movement be detected in the 80 degree angle of coverage out to 25 feet. In the alarm mode, an ear piercing alarm will sound when someone enters the protected area. The alarm will sound for one minute and automatically reset itself if motion is no longer detected. If the chime mode is chosen, the chime will sound immediately if someone enters the protected zone. Includes a wall mounting bracket. The alarm is less than four and a half inches tall and it can easily be removed from the bracket and taken with you when traveling. May be used to monitor children or the elderly inside the home. Also great for a retail store, office, or hotel room. For the alarm mode, there is a 30 second entrance delay once armed to allow you to leave the vicinity. Requires three “AA” batteries which are not included but available for a discount on the dropdown menu.

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