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Free Knuckle Knife Letter Opener Set with each Super Heavy Knuckle Purchase

Heavy Brass Knuckle Ultra Heavy

Super Heavy Real Brass Knuckles 12+ Ounces (Free LetterOpenerSet)

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Item # 249H-EMP
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Massive Knuckle Twice as Heavy as Standard Knuckles

Polished to a mirror finish these heavy and ultra heavy brass knuckles are as shiny and good looking as they are massive. Weighing over 12 ounces and up to 15 oz or more. They are very substantial and make fine paperweights, props or exercise weights. There is no stud so they are not meant to be buckles. This unit is of the standard knuckle duster design being 4.5 inches wide, 2.625 inches from top to bottom and with finger holes over a size 15 ring index.

Now available, even heavier models (LFDF or RDB or USA) that are near 15 oz in weight. See 2nd and 3rd pic. Available with printing (Live Free Die Free or red crosses). Limited Time Offer, same price.
Genuine Rob Dalton Knuckle with Live Free Die Free written on one side (or blank with red crosses on knuckle face, your choice). Great exercise tool. Hold in hand while shadow boxing or jogging.

Choices available on this page:

  • 14.8 oz Red Crosses Restrictions

    Brass Knuckles of any material are not legal and therefore cannot be sold to people in the states of: MA, CA(California),FL, NY, MI, RI and IL
    No gift cards allowed.
    Note: We can only ship brass knuckles to the billing address of the paying credit card, ie, dual address orders are not allowed. If you are caught with these in your possession, you may get in trouble with the law. Check your local jurisdiction laws to determine if you may possess these and under what circumstances. Knowing your local laws is your responsibility, not ours.

    While inventory available, a letter opener set is included free with each order. See 2nd Picture. These are well-crafted knuckle knives in miniature scale. Only 5.5 inches and 4.0 inches each and includes a sheath.

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