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CIA Letter Opener

plastic defense knife

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CIA Letter Opener, Non metallic knife

Tough and sturdy, the CIA Letter Opener is a non-metallic knife made from a resin-nylon compound. This letter opener is strong enough to be pounded through plywood, and it is incredibly sharp. Because it is non-metallic, it won't rust; it is completely waterproof.

This lightweight CIA Letter Opener, which weighs about 1 ounce, can serve as a self-defense tool if you are attacked. It is 8 inches long with a 4-inch blade, making it ideal for opening official correspondence and traditional envelopes.

A hole in the end of the letter opener's handle allows you to string it on a lanyard or fasten it to your gear with dummy cord. You could even use it as a tent peg if you needed to erect an emergency shelter. This CIA Letter Opener doubles as a non-metallic knife for self-defense, which means you cannot carry it on a plane, and it may be regulated by law in your area (and it is your responsibility to know what the laws are in your jurisdiction).


Really a great secret weapon 


I had ordered 3 items and they are quite usable. They are sharp enough to open boxes and letters. 


Pretty good... the tip is ok... not to bad for what is worth... as a non metal blade... 




Good service 
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