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Haze Pro Smoke Bomb w Fuse

Haze Pro Smoke Bomb w Fuse

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Smoke Bomb/Grenade Haze Pro

After many years of selling Commando smoke bombs, government regulation have gotten to the point where we can no longer obtain this particular item, BUT now we have its successor!.
We have a replacement smoke grenade that is even better and available right now
This new smoke bomb model is similar in capacity (massive 40,000 cubic feet) but will generate its smoke 3x faster and exhaust its payload in about 1 minute.
For useful cover and for testing purposes it is superior to its predecessor. It is still fuse-lit and non-hazmat.
Smoke color: white/gray. Fuse delay: approx. 10 seconds. TOP (total obscuring power) rating: 2100. Size: 1.5" diameter x 4" length. Use with caution and discretion.

Smoke products are not explosive, and have no explosive ingredients. In accordance with United Nations, US-DOT, DHS, and FBI standards and regulations, these products are officially categorized as follows: “Not Regulated as an Explosive”, “Not a Destructive Device”, “Not Regulated as Dangerous Goods”

MSDS available upon request on official letterhead.

Commando(Now Haze Pro) Smoke Bombs w fuse

The Haze Pro smoke bomb has its fuse on the end and a hole in the other to allow the smoke to issue forth with more control. Many uses for the smoke bomb of this nature are common including, paintball, disaster training, firefighting exercises, smoke screen, air flow studies, war games, SWAT training, window testing, etc. These smoke grenades are heavy duty and put out a huge amount of smoke very quickly. HazPro smoke bombs produce 40,000 cubic feet of smoke in only 1 minute. This is prodigious production for such a small package in such a short period of time. Only 4 inches long by 1.5 inches in diameter. Weigh about 5.1 oz.each.
  • Fuse takes about 10 seconds to burn and is 2 inches long.
  • TOP rating is 2100.
  • Smoke color is white/grey.
  • Burn time about 1 minute.
  • No hazmat fee Non explosive
  • Not surplus, brand new and recently manufactured in the USA.
    Shipping Restriction: Must use normal UPS ground service, any other method will be changed to ground.

    Great for 4th of July, Paintball, Capture the Flag, Outdoor celebrations, Emergency Signalling, Smoke screens for survival and escape, etc.


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