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Stun Master Covert Stun Gun Flashlight SM-FL-C

Covert Stun Gun Flashlight Rechargeable two ways

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Item # SM-FL-C
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When you need to take out a flashlight, do you think having a powerful stun in your hand will make you a little more secure if you have to defend yourself against a threat? If not, no problem, it just looks like a flashlight, not threatening at all. The Covert Stun Master Stun Gun Flashlight is both a powerful led flashlight and a powerful stun gun in one. The hidden probes make it look like it is just an ordinary flashlight. If given the chance this ordinary looking flashlight will light you up and will pump 9,000,000 volts right into any attacker. It is rechargeable 2 different ways. It can be charged with the supplied wall charger and a cigarette lighter adaptor so it can be charged on the go. It comes with a standard wrist strap and has a rubberized coating to help secure a firm grip.
Dimensions are: 7 x 1

What you get:

  • Powerful High Lumen Flashlight
  • 9 Mm volt Stun gun
  • Two chargers, one for a wall outlet and one for the car (DC 12V)

    Legal restrictions
    We cannot ship stun guns or Tasers to APO addresses or overseas. We are also unable to ship to Washington D.C. and the following cities, states and territories:

  • Hawaii
  • Indiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Chicago, Illinois Denison, Iowa

    Residents of Illinois must fax a current FID card to us, and residents of Wisconsin must fax a concealed carry permit to us at 888-345-2533 in order to purchase a Taser or stun gun

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