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Kill Pin, Firing Pin, Safety Pin, Disable Pin for various stun guns

Disable Pin, Safety or Kill Pin with lanyard or wrist cord. Aka firing pin

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Disable Pin, Kill Switch Cord, Firing Pin or Safety Pin

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This is the lanyard and pin that allows the Streetwise or Stun Master Runt stun guns to function and disables function when withdrawn from the unit. These are the same parts that originally are shipped with the stun gun or baton. Sometimes called a wrist strap.

EDP2: For ALL Streetwise and JOLT stun gun models that require a disabling pin, except the SWB5000R.
This item is for a single disable pin.
EDP4: SWB5000R
Cheetah Stun guns (not lipstick) StunMaster Runt

See dropdown menu for choices.
Cheetah makes different sizes for their lipstick stun device vs their other stun gun (boxy shaped or pen) models.

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