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Door Jammer Security Lock

Door Jammer Security Lock

Door Jammer Security Lock

Door Jammer Security Lock

Door Jammer Security Lock

Door Jammer Security Lock

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Door Jammer Security Lock

Whether on holiday or on business lone female travellers will benefit from taking a DoorJammer with them. Of course the majority of these trips usually pass without any incident. There is however always the worry that on a rare occasion their guest room, hostel or hotel bedroom security could be compromised. Suitable for most hotels, hostels and motels, the Door Jammer now offers lone women travelers added reassurance, especially when they are potentially at their most vulnerable. The Door Jammer provides lone female travelers with greater peace of mind, as they are confident that they have firmly secured their door from the inside when they staying in their hotel, apartment or hostel bedroom. New, light and easy to use, the Door Jammer is a portable security device that fits most doors. It is compact and will easily fit into any medium-sized bag, suitcase or backpack. Dimensions

Height: 12cm - 4 3/4"

Width: 6.5cm - 2 3/4"

Weight: 250gm - 8oz

Minimum clearance space under the door: 5mm - 0.3"


"This long overdue product is the most secure device of its kind I have ever seen."

Frank Smyth, Executive Director @ Global Journalist Security

Certified Female Friendly - Maiden-voyage.com

"We only recommend those hotels that provide two independent locks, through which staff or intruders cannot enter at will. Where hotel rooms are only equipped with one lock or the locking devices are inadequate the DoorJammer is perfect for providing additional security. The DoorJammer is a compact, lightweight device and is extremely effective in keeping a door firmly secured but can be pulled off in an instant if required."

Carolyn Pearson, CEO @ maiden-voyage.com Ltd

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