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Door Stop Alarm

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Door Stop Alarm

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The door stop alarm has many uses in the home and when traveling.
Simply place the door stop alarm behind any door. If an intruder attempts to open the door, the wedge-shaped design will prevent it from opening and activate the very loud 120 db alarm. This safety device will scare off the would-be intruder and alert you to the attempted entry. An adjustable sensitivity switch prevents tampering. When traveling, just toss this in your luggage, its very light in weight. The door stop alarm can also be used to let you know when someone enters any room of your house. Its good for keeping children out of areas they don't belong.
The on/off switch will prevent the unit from accidentally sounding. Requires one 9 volt battery. Its so inexpensive and simple, yet this door stop alarm can save you from being surprised, robbed, or worse.
For example, if you are traveling and want to secure your motel room, place the door stop alarm about one foot behind the door. This will allow you to open the door enough to reach down and remove it so it won't go off when you enter. Yet, someone who does not know its there will open the door to enter and set it off.
Can also be used as a door wedge to keep doors propped open.
Another ingenious use is to keep people IN!
Know when someone leaves their room. This may be more practical at night to help sleepwalkers stay safe from injury and similar behavior.
Adjustable Sensitivity
The trigger has three levels of sensitivity (High, Medium, Low). Special design can be used as a door stop when the power is off. No Wiring Needed
No need to wire your house with high tech security systems. Simply install the 9V battery and place the door stop alarm in front of the door you want secured. An excellent product with multiple safety uses.
6 month Warranty This is the same unit the NRA sells for $13.95


Good customer service and communication. There was a little problem, but it was resolved in timely manner and with apologies. Great communication, excellent customer service, super fast shipping, good packaging, all five star ratings. Thank you! 
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