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Emergency Rescue Blanket Solar

Emergency Rescue Blanket Solar

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Emergency Rescue Blanket Solar Thermal

A strong lightweight aluminized non-stretch sheet that reflects body heat or the sun. An essential piece of equipment for survival conditions outdoors. Can be used in dozens of situations to conserve body heat or reflect the sun or reflect the heat of a campfire. Used to help runners cool down more slowly and for victims of shock. Can use as a shade for your automobile windows if you are stuck on the road. Get more than one to stash in your
  • backpack,
  • camper,
  • rec vehicle,
  • glove box,
  • first aid kit etc. Can be lifesaving and useful in hot climates as well as cold. Waterproof, too.
    Size: 84 inches by 52 inches.
    Weighs less than 2 oz.
    Folds up to just 2.5 x 4 inches and less than 1 inch thick.

    When hiking in Phoeniz a few years ago, this blanket really came in handy. We got lost and had to spend a lot more time in the hot sun than we wanted to. There was no place with any shade to rest and conserve our energy. The blanket provided some much needed shade where we could rest and recuperate before continuing the hike. It really worked for us. H. G.

    Other uses for a space blanket : (taken from seattlebackpackersmagazine.com:)
  • The obvious – wrapping in it for warmth.
  • Use as an extra layer in sleeping bag for warmth.
  • Stringing up as a signal device – not too tight – so it creates movement in the wind and increases your chance of being seen.
  • Place it on the ground as a signal device and fold in different patterns to communicate a message.
  • Melt snow by placing small amounts on space blanket in the sun and funnel into a container.
  • Small rain shelter: create buttons by looping a slip knot over the corners of blanket.
  • Use as material to write on, given you have a marker.
  • Twist for extra rope material.
  • Build a horseshoe pack to carry small items.
  • Twist and loop it through pants, and tie to make a belt.
  • Tie off ends to create air space for an improvised flotation device.
  • Cut off small pieces as part of lure to catch fish (they like shiny materials).
  • Use sticks and foil to create a cup and boil water. Hold over the flame but not so close that it burns the foil. (The melting point of Mylar is listed at 254° C.)
  • Use blanket as aluminum foil to warm food near the coals of a fire.
  • Create a sling.
  • Use as a tourniquet.
  • Use as a compression bandage.
  • Put in your kids’ backpack carrier to give them additional warmth.
  • Use as gaiters, by wrapping around leg – secure with duct tape.
  • Using as a pack liner (inside) or cover (outside) to keep clothes dry in rainy weather.

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