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Retractable Batons on Sale

Batons for Sale, Retractable Steel Batons at sale prices

When it comes to personal safety and defense, few things will give you more confidence than your own weapon to use in the event of an assault. Millions of people choose to carry guns, knives, and other weapons to protect themselves on a daily basis. However, these items can easily do as much harm as they can protect. In untrained hands, they can be turned against you, or you can simply end up hurting yourself in a struggle. For a simpler, easier to use solution that is just as effective, try extendable batons.

Compact and completely intuitive, batons make a fantastic self-defense tool for a variety of reasons. They are very compact, collapsing to as little as 6-8 inches, allowing you to fit them pretty much anywhere with ease so you can always have one on hand. They are lightweight, easy to wield, and require little training to control, making them a fantastic choice for people lacking the time to dedicate to extensive self-defense courses. In addition, the lack of a lethal element such as a bladed edge or bullets reduces the likelihood of injuring yourself or other accidents. Whether you are a beginner or a trained self-defense expert, these advantages make extendable batons a great choice for improving your safety.

We have a variety of batons in several different lengths and designs to suit your personal needs. Each extendable baton folds down to just a few inches and can expand up to 26 inches at the flick of the wrist, giving you more reach to keep you away from assailants. Strikes can quickly inflict pain and bruising, discouraging further attacks and giving you the chance to escape. Rubber-padded handles make them easy to hold and provide a strong grip to help prevent slipping. Generic models are available, as well as batons made by the brand ASP guaranteed to be high quality and coming with an included lifetime warranty.

Batons and nightsticks have become an iconic and famous tool for police around the nation, as they have been proven to be very effective and easy to use while also non-lethal. Best of all, they are very affordable and much cheaper options for self-defense than expensive knives and guns. Get your baton today and enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you are well prepared for any attack.

  • ASP Extendable Batons
  • Generic Extendable 16" Baton
  • Generic Extendable 21" Baton
  • Generic Extendable 26" Baton
  • Takedown 16 to 26 Inch Baton
  • Takedown Spring Baton
  • United Cutlery Telescoping Baton

    Retractable batons are a great self defense tool to ward off dogs or human attackers. They are compact and pretty simple to use. It may be worth some study and practice to master the basic techniques and make them automatic.

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    Extendable Security Baton
    Extendable Security Baton
    220032List: $23.95
    Lowest Sale Price: $10.00
    You Save: $13.95 (58%)
    Streetwise Telescopic Baton 21 Inch or 26 Free Glass Breaker End Cap

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    Streetwise Telescopic Baton 21 Inch or 26 Free Glass Breaker End Cap
    SW-21TList: $21.95
    Lowest Sale Price: $15.00
    You Save: $6.95 (32%)

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