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Fox Lab Pepper Spray Expiration

As you browse the Internet, you will find that various brands of defense sprays have different lengths of time for their shelf life (expiration dates). It can get confusing. Water-based units may have the potential for a longer life than solvent-based formulas because of the gaskets and solvents that are used, but in general, all of the products experience the same effects of time, and that is in the depletion of the propellant—the stuff that gets the formula out of the canister.

Fact is, all aerosol products start losing propellant as soon as they are filled, albeit very, very slowly. Ultimately, the formula remains effective, but you just can't get it out of the can. Who hasn’t tried to use a can of spray paint, only to find it did not discharge? This same thing happens with defense sprays, only if you need to use the defense spray, it is probably much more important than using the spray paint! Whereas many companies put “expiration” dates on their canisters, FOX LABS shows a "birth" or “manufacture” date. This date is normally printed by month, day, and year 012512, for example, would be for January 25, 2012). It is stamped onto the canister and is located above the label and below the top on small units. One-pound units have the date on the bottom of the canister. We think, and our customers have always concurred, that it is better to know how old your canister really is, rather than just when to replace it.

We warranty our units for three years from the date they are made, resulting in what is called a three-year total life. However, we recommend replacing a unit at two years from the “time of purchase" or after using it to protect oneself. We find many customers keep track of this date by simply taking a permanent marker and writing a month and year on the bottom of their canister. So, for example, if you bought a unit in June of 2008, you would write 06/10 on the bottom of the unit, and that is your personal expiration date.

Could we state our shelf life is 4 or 5 years? Certainly, but we do not want you to risk only getting a short burst, if anything at all, when you are expecting to have enough formula to hit an attacker. Just because a company says 4 or 5 years doesn’t mean their product is really going to perform as you hope it will for that amount of time. It only means that you are taking a big risk with your safety. This is simply just one more thing that sets FOX LABS apart from other brands. It is our philosophy that it is better to have you replace a unit sooner, rather than later, since it provides a better opportunity for the unit to perform the way you hope and expect it should if you ever have a need to use it.

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